Supreme, WYD?

What in the bumbaclot is this? Who thought this was a good idea? Why? How? So many questions I have for Supreme. This is foolishness. The clothing line, which has been dwindling over the past couple years, decided to “pay homage” to Obama with a new Spring/Summer 2017 drop. This God awful, cringe-worthy, sorry excuse for a fashion statement, is the most disrespectful thing to Barack’s Presidency and African culture, that I have ever laid eyes on. This is fashion “crinkum-crankum and higi haga”. It looks like they google searched”African print” and copy-pasted the first thing they found, all over their clothing, found a stock image of Obama, and slapped that good ‘ol Supreme sticker for the trifecta. They even had the nerve to put the Gye Nyame on there, which is a very common Ghanaian symbol, but the gag is, he’s really from Kenya. Tragic. I’m not even sure if “Culture appropriation” is suffice enough to describe this, but this the worst “lets steal something from another culture and sell it” propaganda in history. Oloshi!

On a side note, JoeFreshGoods, who actually had a great “Thank you Obama” Collection, must be on a rampage right now.

On behalf of all Africans everywhere…Supreme, you are cancelled! Ode Buruku


S/O to the Originators of this though…All our aunties

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