A Spotlight on Magnom Beats – One of Ghana’s Hottest Producers


OneTribeMag is excited to bring you into the world of Magnom Beats, one of Ghana’s hottest producers. This multitalented artist crafts songs and is sometimes featured on his own beats. Magnom has worked with notable artists like: Sarkodie, Asem, Pappy Kojo, Edem, VVIP, Gasmilla, Raquel, Guru, Efya, Samini, LAX, Mr. Eazi–we would be here forever if I listed every one. Below is a sample of Magnom’s hit productions:

I first heard Edem’s Koene while studying abroad at the University of Ghana. I was scoping out an event hosted by Vodaphone when the beat caught my attention. It was intoxicating. I would describe it as Afrobeats infused with electro flavor. “Koene (means give it to him/her in the Ewe language) was my introduction to Magnom Beats. I have followed Magnom’s music since that eventful day. Now, every time I hear Magnom’s signature, “Ma-Ma-Magnom”, I know my ears are in for a treat and now hopefully, you will too.


Magnom (Joseph Anthony Bulley) was born on  July 30th, 1987 in Accra, Ghana. A proud Ewe, Magnom recalled his younger years living in Accra, “We lived in a rough neighborhood. I guess you would classify it as lower middle class. Hustling was the way of life. My parents didn’t like for me to be out in the streets so I spent a lot of time in the house.” Staying at home allowed Magnom to develop a close relationship with his family. He has two sisters and a brother, D-Mag, who unfortunately passed away. Coming from a Catholic background, Magnom attended Christ in King, St. Peters, and University of Ghana where he studied in psychology, linguistics, and religion. In high school, Magnom started making beats and recording artists. A major breakthrough in his career came when “Illuminati”, a song produced with Sarkodie, made it big. Major hits continued to flow from Magnom’s studio.


How did you get the name Magnom?

Magnom is a nickname I picked up in high school. I like to tell people Magnom is Ewe for ‘the strongest man in the village’, but that’s a lie. I just thought it sounded cool. At the time, I didn’t know there were condoms and ice cream with the same name. I actually changed the spelling from MagnUm to MagnOm to differentiate myself.

How did you get started with music?

My first digital audio software was Fruity Loops. A friend of mine used it for fun and I began messing around on it. After a month or two, I was making decent beats. I started recording my brother’s friends and surprisingly made money from it. As for my parents, in the beginning, they thought I was making beats for fun. They were of the impression that I couldn’t make a living off of music. Which at the time made sense because most artists in that era ended up broke. But they were still very supportive.

What is your creative process?


I don’t think I have a fixed pattern when it comes to my creative process. I just get in the studio and freestyle. Sometimes, I go into it with an idea like Trap or Afrobeats. All of the music I have listened to my whole life influences and inspires me. Growing up, my dad listened to all types of music – reggae, high-life, hip-hop, African jazz, hip-life. All of these sounds are subconsciously with me when I step into the studio.

What is your overall goal when it comes to your music?

My overall goal is quite simple. Make music and get money. I want to get my music heard and make a lot of money doing what I love. I don’t think I’m unique in this. Don’t we all want to attain wealth doing what we love?

What do you think your best work has been?

It’s hard to say what my best work has been. I guess I could answer this question based on the popularity of the songs. So I would say Sarkodie’s “Illuminati”, Edem’s “Koene” and “Nyedzilo”, and one of my latest hits “Wine Up Your Bumper”. I want to emphasize that it’s hard to pick. I have a lot of hot beats that haven’t been released. I also have a lot of beats that are great but aren’t popular. When I created “Illuminati”, I didn’t know it would become a hit. In contrast, I produced a song with Sarkodie and Mr. Eazi, “Thank You”, that I thought would become big, but it didn’t. Sometimes it’s all about timing.

Are there any artists you would like to work with?

Some of the artists I would like to work with are Diplo, Skrillex, Future, and Vybz Kartel. I’m always opened to exploring new collaborations both here in Ghana and internationally.


Are there any social issues that you’re passionate about?

Something I’m passionate about is having healthy and accessible food options in Ghana. If you go buy food, you’ll notice that everything has a deep layer of oil on top. By the end of the day, all of this oil is gone. Where does it go? It goes into our bodies and cause a lot of cardiovascular diseases.

What does your self-care routine look like?

I like to play basketball. I’m alright when it comes to this sport. I’ve seen way better players than myself but I’m not too bad. I also enjoy swimming on occasion.

I have to ask for all of your admirers, are you single?

Who and who are you asking for? (LOL) To answer your question, no, I’m not single. I’ve been in my current relationship for about a year.

Any advice for up and coming artists?

I would tell them to keep working hard at your craft. Don’t quit. You never know when you’re going to become great. You never know what’s going to happen next. The only way to fail is if you quit so keep pushing through.

I would like to say a big thank you to Magnom for taking time to talk to me. He was actually in the studio and paused his work to make this interview possible. Myself, and the rest of your fans, look forward to all of the great collaborations that will come from the Magnom Beats studio this year. You can follow Magnom Beats on Twitter , Instagram , and SoundCloud. Check out some of his music below.

This interview was conducted by Antoinette Newton-Acquah for OneTribeMag.

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