Business Insiders: 30 Under 30 Creatives in Advertising

We’re hit with hundreds of advertisements every day, whether its on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, the list is endless. Have you ever thought of who are the individuals behind these ads? It’s clear to all of us when an ad agency gets it wrong or they decide to go the forced “hip-hop” route and get people to rap in the middle of McDonald’s, have Mary J Blige singing for chicken, or just don’t other ethnic groups in their ads. All of this comes down to the ad agency and the creative they believe will cause people to act and buy.

If you’ve watched Mad Men or read the Tanning of America by Steve Stoute then you know that a lot of the top ad agencies were run by white men and things have changed a little through the influence of different cultures.

Business Insider recently compiled their list of 30 most creative people in advertising under 30 and Temnete Sebhatu made the list! She is Ethiopian from Rock Hill, South Carolina. With her name meaning “Our wish, granted”, Apple had to have been pleased to have her working on their account! Her recent work for Apple helped her garner the nod.

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but representation is important. How you see yourself and how you’re portrayed on TV is important. We can hopefully believe that there is at least one voice speaking to the positive portrayal of people of color.

Check out the entire list Here

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