3 Reasons to Watch The Theo Show

With his continued ever evolving creativity and ability to create his own lane, Theo Martins continues to entertain the interwebs with his art. From music to clothing, djing, pop-up shows and overall cool guy influence, you can’t deny the emergence of his craft in 2017.

Theo’s latest endeavor, The Theo Show documents his life with a brand of parody and realism that you can’t resist. If you look at life itself, it’s a mix of taking yourself seriously and just laughing about everyday things. No matter how you look at life, Theo gives you a reason to smile and just enjoy each day. With that, here are three reasons you should watch the Theo show:

1. Theo is nice with the “look ma no hands” zoom-in iPhone settings!

I know we all nerd out a little when no hand recording is done but Theo steps the game up with zoom-ins from under glass cups and fish tanks.


2. Theo’s life is fun.

Theo makes getting a call from the “network” seem like he really has a deal. As anybody would be hype about the work they do, Theo takes it up a notch and turns a video feature or DJ set into winning a Grammy! You can’t knock it. Celebrating your wins is self-love! If you don’t love your own work no one else will.


3. Theo is doing all this from his phone on snapchat!

It might seem small but he is reworking the idea of having your own TV show. We often think that you must be on cable TV to say you have a show but it’s 2017 and there are new rules. The youth runs shit, so it just makes the show better and easier to consume from anywhere.

The Theo Show is refreshing work needed in 2017 to remind us all that life is about enjoying the small moments and not taking for granted our ability to create whatever we want.

Go to snapchat and follow @goodposture or thetheoshow.com or just follow him on ig @theoposture

For more check out his soundcloud.



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