Life is Eazi, Vol 1. – Accra to Lagos (Mixtape) Review

Mr Eazi released his 14 track mixtape and whether you’re Ghanaian or Nigerian, abeg…it doesn’t matter, let us enjoy this body of work which was so highly anticipated. So let’s get into it, shall we?

1. – “Leg Over”  He starts his mixtape off with a distinct guitar and assortment of drums that you don’t get tired of hearing. Mr. Eazi sings of his girl who’s playing him because she’s got another guy. Mr. Eazi wants his “own portion” and wants to be treated “with caution” but we all know that’s probably not happening.

2. – “Business” (feat. Mugeez) This song may be a continuation of “Leg Over”. Mr. Eazi starts out singing to his lover that her friends will always have mouth to talk (pidgin translation: have something to say) on their relationship. Mr. Eazi sees their envy and tells her what they have is nobody’s business but their own. Obviously Mugeez agrees with Eazi, telling his girl to look forward with him, and warns his girl as well. It’s refreshing to hear Mugeez on this song, as a Nigerian, this song is very R2Bees/Ghanaian and I love it.

3. – “Tilapia” (feat. Medikal) If the story continues…the beat says Mr. Eazi is comfortable and the artwork shows Mr Eazi’s smooth sailing with his girl. Mr. Eazi and Ghana’s Medikal may be using tilapia as another word for…nvm. Anyways, Eazi sings he wants to chop tilapia tonight and plans on enjoying the perks of his relationship. This song also contains the standout line of the album, from Medikal, “Something smells fishy; aquarium” Wow.

4. – “2 People” Whoever his baby is, he knows how to toast her well. Mr. Eazi says his baby is fine like two people. Like two fine girls came together to make his girl. I haven’t heard or seen that kind of fine before but I’m sure when this song comes on at a party, I just might. No features on this song and Mr. Eazi’s Ghanaian side comes out very well on Nigeria’s Masterkraft’s (amazing) beat.

5. – “Feelings” Produced by Young Jonn (the Wicked Producer), “Feelings” is a blatantly honest song about himself. Mr. Eazi doesn’t want to show his feelings because apparently he’s no longer with his girl he’s been singing about and she’s with someone else. No Snapchat, no Instagram, no phone calls…Eazi is hurting over this girl o. It’s soft but it’s an album favorite. In this part of the story you’ll feel for Eazi, but still…Zagadat!

6. – “Fight” (feat. DJ Cuppy) DJ Cuppy has been calling Mr Eazi but he hasn’t been answering as the track starts. She wants to work things out (or maybe just wants the work) and Eazi wants to fight for the love they still have. Referencing the previous track maybe they’ve been fighting but still…who was she with at the club tho? Hmm. Well the song is very rhythmic and the tempo will have you bouncing.

7. – “Accra to Lagos” The beat is a VERY lively one, giving you “vibes” as he says. However, if this song was performed with live instruments it would add to the high quality it already has. Mr. Eazi talks of his personal journey into music, his family, his girl, and his struggles. He speaks Yoruba to honor his family and gives in my opinion an amazing short song. It’s also reminiscent of Wizkid’s smash, “Ojuelegba”. Perhaps being signed to Starboy has rubbed off on him a little bit.

8. – “Dutty Yaself” Imagine Mr. Eazi at your average Lagos party with Falz (da bad guy)–that’s exactly what this song is. You may not expect your average African artist to speak on current affairs, but one could argue Mr. Eazi along with Falz has something to say to the masses with this song while you’re dancing. He references daily private trips, mixing Baileys with lean (since when??), smoking weed, girls with no bras, etc. Demon Anthem.

9. – “In The Morning” (feat. Big Lean) Once again he touches on the same theme, your typical African man singing about a woman song. Could have done without this one.

10. – “Short Skirt” (feat. Tekno) They should have renamed this. However, with Maleek Berry on the production, and Tekno with the alley-oop, this is a dope collaboration. Again its the same topic as the last 9 songs but this one is a banger.

11. – “Life is Eazi” (feat. Olamide & Phyno) Masterkraft again gives a fantastic beat for Olamide, Phyno and Eazi to go off on. My personal favorite on the album. Mr. Eazi remembers when people told him “No” before but believes that since God changed his situation “Life is indeed Eazi/easy”. If you listen to any song on this album, let it be this, Mr. Eazi’s thanksgiving song, the second theme of the mixtape. Vol. 1 ends and so does the story for now. The song is also very uncle and auntie friendly. You’re welcome!

12. – “My Baby” (Bonus Track) This is the first time Mr. Eazi took a major L. This is beat is fire AF. The first 3 seconds hear the beat, and you start an uncontrollable bounce, anticipating a groundbreaking verse from Mr Eazi…and then he starts singing about his iyawo. Mr. Eazi missed his opportunity to really go in and show some versatility. Instead we’re left wondering “is he making a baby announcement?” Smh.

13. – “Right Now” (Bonus Track) Nice production, great vocals, very soothing. This one is a slow jam for an intimate mood. You might find yourself skipping this though, depending on your mood.

14. – “Kpamurege” (Bonus Track) Eazi gives a traditional sound, again and of course singing to the ladies. The star of the production is actually the guitar and Mr. Eazi keeps up with it while sounding like he’s having fun with it.

Mr Eazi told a story; a love story from Accra to Lagos. He lets the beats speak for him and finds the right pockets to display his vocal talent. Yes he can sing but his song subjects leave much to be desired. Mr. Eazi is already considered an experienced artist, so if you didn’t know this body of work is nowhere near amateur level. He had a couple slip up but this mixtape can be played throughout without skips, if you’re patient, and has excellent replayability.

Favorite Tracks: “Life is Eazi” (feat. Olamide & Phyno), “Detty Yasef” (feat. Falz) “Business” (feat. Mugeez) and “Feelings”

4/5 Tribal Marks


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