5 Things we Learned from Jidenna’s Breakfast Club Interview 

If you haven’t heard by now, Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, the well-dressed Nigerian-American’s debut album The Chief is finally out. While out on his press tour, he sat down and did an interview with the Breakfast Club. The interview was great and we learned more things about Jidenna as a person.

1. Jidenna values the networking systems that schools provide.

 Jidenna went to school with Issa Rae (Insecure/ Awkward Black Girl) and Cheo Hodari Coker (Netflix’s Luke Cage). With these connections and friendships, Jidenna took his talents to another level. Angela Yee added her statement and mentioned that her best friend is Santigold, who she also went to school with. So for those of you who are still in school, take advantage of everything that’s available to you.

2. Jidenna values his grandfather and father.

So much so that he waited until the 17th to drop The Chief, due to the February 17, 2017, album release date being exactly 7 years since his father’s death on February 17, 2010. Jidenna even decided to have 14 tracks on the album because 7×2 (7 for his dad and 7 for himself).

3. Jidenna praises Chief Obi

I have to personally say congratulations to Chief Obi. I still remember back when I met him on my campus and he jokingly tried to take my Chelsea boots. His success to date is amazing and inspirational. Jidenna has Chief Obi on his album skits and in his new music video. So for those of you African’s whose parents are telling you to do something you don’t want to do, don’t do it!

4. Jidenna thinks Trump winning is a good thing.

He says, “there is no Moses without Pharaoh”

5. Jidenna believes that the Grammy’s should not be the end all be all for award shows.

As a true Nigerian man, Jidenna said he goes to these events to stunt.


Jidenna’s The Chief is a great body of work and if you have not heard it, go on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify–hell, even go to Best Buy or wherever they carry physical CDs. The album is a great story and if Jidenna or anyone on the Wonderland team is reading, please create a Nollywood style film to accompany the album.

-Tosin M.

Check out the interview in its entirety below:

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