Olawumi Bares it All in Latest Track, “Needed”

Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and overall creative genius Hillary Olawumi is back with her latest track entitled “Needed.” Better known as Olawumi, the 24-year-old hails from New Jersey and has quite an extensive repertoire filled with songs written from the heart. In most cases, Olawumi writes for the one who is navigating life or even the one who is trying to get over an unrequited love.

In her latest offerings, “Needed” is filled with a wave of emotions from beginning to end. Olawumi sings about a love who she feels hasn’t fulfilled her emotional needs during the course of their relationship. Even though the relationship did not work out, there is a part of Olawumi that wishes that her ex-lover still remembers her.

Olawumi brings all her emotions to the surface and “Needed” is no different. In fact, “Needed takes” both Olawumi and listener to a place that is probably the most vulnerable. But also, to a place worth confronting as opposed to staying away from.


Take a listen below:


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