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On February 27th we posted this video of the Obu Family on Family Feud with Steve Harvey. 2 days later, it has amassed over 13,000 retweets and counting. Reason being, the Obu family is hilarious! From Steve Harvey’s banter about one of the son’s names, “Obu Obu Obu”, to their Dad making a legendary appearance, and the family busting out into an Obu family theme song, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a Nigerian family. We received an overwhelmingly amount of comments and questions, so we reached out directly to the  family to get some answers.

Please give us some background of the Obu Family:

Olu: Born of Nigerian parents, each member of our family was born in New Jersey. We moved down to Lawrenceville, GA  in 2001. All the boys have graduated from college. Esu is still in college and Ibum is approaching her last year of high school. All of us actually sing and dance.

What part of Nigeria is your family from?

Onik: Our mother is from Enugu state and our dad is from Cross River state.

Who’s idea was it to go on the Family Feud?

Ibum: So I’ve always been telling my older siblings how cool it would be for us to go on Family Feud. It was always a dream of mine. But Olu actually put the idea in motion and helped get us an audition in Atlanta.

Who made the song that you guys performed?

Ibum: We all threw out different concepts and fed off of each others ideas. It all came together the night before the show.

Are you guys a singing family?

Esu: We definitely are!

[Turns out Olu actually makes music and it’s pretty decent : Listen here]

Did you guys win?

Onik: It’s interesting because we unfortunately did not win the $20,000, but the whole family being on TV was way more memorable than the money. Money will come, but it’s not every day our family makes it on TV!

Did you guys anticipate you would get this much attention on social media?

Obu: We prayed for this moment. We actually all shared our Family Feud experience on social media when it aired back in October of 2016. We got a little local attention but we all went back to our regularly scheduled lives. However my uncle recently called me and told us we were on Yahoo News. I actually went to check it out and immediately told all my siblings. Next thing you know Family Feud posted our episode on their page and the rest is history! We were literally overwhelmed by all the support we received. We thank Family Feud for this opportunity. The experience has been nothing but a blessing for our family.

Why did your Dad name you Obu Obu Obu?

Mr. Obu: I named my son Obu in honor of my family’s name.

How did you feel being on the show?

Mr. Obu: I was actually surprised being on the show because I only went to support my kids. My wife was actually supposed to make it, but she had to work. When Steve approached me, I had to run with it! He’s very talented at what he does.

What did you guys think of Steve’s accent?

Olu: Steve’s accent was perfect! We actually didn’t expect him to take it that far. He’s such a class act and entertainer.

[We’re guessing his accent sounded different in person…]

Are you guys going back on the show?

Esu: We aren’t quite sure if we’ll be back on Family Feud. We would love to go back and try to win that money! If it’s God’s will, it will happen.

A lot of people on social media would like to know, if Obu is single?

Obu: I am actually not single. I have an amazing lady in my life.

Well there you have it. The family isn’t very active on twitter, but you can follow their Instagrams below, as well as their new family Instagram page, created in the wake of their new found popularity.

Esu     Onik     Obu    Ibum    Olu    WeRTheObus

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