#GH60- Kente & Henny Winning Weekend

Ghana Independence Day is upon us! On March 6th, the country will be celebrating 60 years of independence and that means sixtylem parties are popping off from this weekend through TBD. (Because what is celebrating for only one day?)
We took a look at the many #GH60 events happening in the NYC area and compiled a list of the top 3 you can catch us at:

1. Ghana Made
When: Friday, March 3
Where: Stage 48
Ghana Made is brought to you by Big Five Promotions, and will be one of the biggest #GH60 parties around
Why we’re going: This will be the ultimate party, spanning over all four floors of Stage 48. The more, the merrier type of vibes.

2. Ghana Made: Art Brunch
When: Saturday, March 4
Where: 1315 Event Space and Studio
So major, they made it on the list twice. Part 2 of the celebration is happening the following day with a brunch featuring art from the ├╝ber talented  @Denny_Ow and @Citizins. And of course, the brunch is followed by another afterparty at
The famous 760 Rooftop, because we do this.
Why we’re going: Party, brunch, art, sipping, party: a summary.

3. Touch of Kente
When: Friday, March 10
Where: 760 Rooftop
Touch of Kente will mark the second wave of celebrations happening the weekend after Independence Day.  This experience will be with the party pioneers: @Mrcocoyam, @Ebabykobby, and @kappacinco, which is all the convincing necessary.
Why we’re going: one, partying with the greats. Two, we hear MIZIZI giveaway in on the horizon.

Catch us at one or all of them and say hello. We’ll be in the cut wrapped in Kente, Henny in hand.

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