StylebyAda AKA No Ordinary She is someone to get familiar with. Ada is one of the brightest young stylists in the game and her passion for fashion can be traced back to when she was only 5 years old. We recently got a chance to talk to her about her movement and the process of creating her looks.

Can you please give a little background about yourself?

I’m a Nigerian, born and bred. Studied Law as my first degree. I moved to the UK about 9 years ago where I now live with my beautiful family, my husband and 7 year old daughter.

How does your African background influence your style?

African culture is colorful and vibrant, dramatic sometimes which is why it resonates well with me. I love the occasional massive head gears, to me it’s a constant reminder of where I’m from, where I’ve been and who I really am, there’s absolutely no denying any of it, besides, a modern day girl knows best to incorporate tribal accents into her wardrobe or the fun is missing.


How did you get started in fashion and styling?

Styling has been a part of me since my childhood. I can’t remember a day that’s successfully gone by without me digging the depths of my wardrobe  for any and all sorts of ensembles since I was 5 years old. It turns out, I’m wired this way, there’s no escaping what goes on in my head.  I’m not surprised it has eventually landed me where I am today….blogging! I needed an avenue for release and along came social media, the rest is history.

Can you describe your process when creating your “Street Style” looks?

I just basically go with what gives me a kick. If it’s not fun it’s not happening. Let’s just say I love to intrigue myself.

What does NoOrdinaryShe mean to you?

NOORDINARYSHE is the fearless girl. That girl who’s up for whatever when it comes to fashion. There’s no limiting the thoughts and ability of that girl. Fun is the name of the game so she’s always looking to max out, She never thinks minimalism or conventional….. That’s the NOORDINARYSHE attitude to fashion!

Which celebrities were you most surprised that liked your work?

I think I remember seeing a comment from Lisa Folawiyo of ‘Jewel by Lisa’ once, that was amazing!

Who are the designers you feel will never disappoint?

The classic Chanel and Gucci Period!

When you go shopping, where is the first place you go to?

I Love H&M a lot, like A LOT! So maybe that lol! For me, shopping is shopping, if I have to go into the shops to get hold of that sweet potato pie, you bet I’ll be running. It really doesn’t matter to me.

streetHave you thought about transitioning to become a stylist for other people or celebrities? If so, who would be your dream client?

Oh for sure! Definitely one of my future plans. My dream client would be anyone who walks through the door ready for whatever. If you are up for fun, come be my client lol!

What trend would you most like to see disappear?

Crop tops Arrgh! I’ve seen enough for now. Fast forward 10 years from now maybe I’ll be missing it by then.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on starting my own Fashion line where I can totally pour myself out, give free minded girls like myself the opportunity to be able to get their hands on exciting (affordable) pieces that shows the Noordinaryshe in them.

Contact Info: IG: Stylebyada 

Twitter: noordinaryshe 

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