3 of Ghana’s sons: Pushing the Culture Through Art, Style, and Creativity


Kwasi Opoku, also known as “Kwasi Beast” by friends but more commonly known to the public as “Urge2Pose,” is a prominent influencer amongst young Africans in the U.S. You can catch Kwasi doing everything including: modeling, hosting events, acting, and just being the go-to guy for anything Ghanaian. He currently lives in New Jersey and when he’s not hosting events, he’s studying Public Health and Biology at Montclair State University.

How did the name “Urge2Pose” come about?

I was a big twitter head at first and my twitter account handle was @Urge2tweet, because you know, I always had the urge to tweet. When I got on Instagram, I decided to be consistent and I chose the IG handle @Urge2cheese. Unfortunately, that account got hacked, because you know, haters are always going to be haters. So I created a new Instagram and went with @Urge2pose because you know, I got poses on deck.

What is it that you would say you do? Are you a host/ an entertainer/ both?

I have no label , I really feel like I could do it all. The other day some guy send me a beat to rap over, and you know this might be the start of “Urge2rap”. I really got into entertaining and hosting when I would go to African parties at a younger age and get a lot of attention. People would gravitate to me because of my personality. One day a director reached out to me to me to be a part of the show African Maddogs

We made 10 episodes and sold it to a network in Ghana. The episodes were aired in Ghana and was received well. When I went to Ghana,  people already knew who I was, and that just contributed to my popularity in a sense.

How do your parents feel about it?

 Since I was little, I always did the opposite of what my parents said. If they said go right, I’ll go left. They know I’m stubborn but as long as they see that I’m focused, and I’m doing the right thing, they’re with it. For example, my pops always said finish school. I finished my first degree in Public Health and now I’m about to get my second degree in Biology, so he’s excited about that. At first, my mom didn’t really think much of it. She would always joke and say, “you’re not cute,” etc. but she’s a high school teacher and once people started coming up to her asking if I was her son and talking about me a lot, she  realized that there could be something to this and she’s always supported since.

You were back in Ghana recently, how would you describe your stay? What is the art and music scene like out there?

I went to Ghana two years ago for the second time and I didn’t get to experience much because I was primarily there for a wedding. On my third visit last year though, I got to experience everything. The culture is beautiful, from the music and drums being played in the hood/different regions to going to the movie awards, everything was so life. And the food, oh my God, the food, nothing compares. It’s too good.

It seems like Africa’s culture, music, and influence is growing in America, how do you feel about that and what do you think your role is?

At this point, I’ve realized I have some type of influence and that’s why we throw events like GhanaMade2k17. I want people to look past the stereotypes and appreciate our culture. Not to be cliché, but I’ve really been hashtagging #fortheculture because that’s who it’s for. Not me, but all of us. It’s never been about the money with these events, it is all about coming together, everyone, and seeing the unity. We can party, we are beautiful and we embrace the culture.

You and your ex were pretty public and everyone’s “relationship goals”. Now that you guys have apparently split up, how do you feel now about the public’s perception? And your own privacy?

When I have a trophy, like how she was, I’m going to show it off. That’s just me and that’s just how I am. Everything was always real with us. That’s why when you did the photoshoot with us you was like you two are really like this in real life, it’s because that was us. That’s who we were. Right now I’m taking my influence very serious and trying to let Kwasi Beast be more known, and it got hard on her … Don’t get me wrong she was very supportive but I feel like just have to be single, even though it sounds selfish.

What do you have planned next?

 When we went to Ghana last year, a director gave us a script to shoot. The lines and script are being finalized but once that’s done, I can’t wait to start shooting. That’s really big because I would love to be an actor.

This is the year people are going to know about Kwasi Beast.

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