Season 3 of, “Gidi Up,” is that you?!

A couple days ago I was perusing Ndani TV’s youtube page so I could catch up on the last season of Skinny Girl in Transit when something caught my eye. A playlist had been made for Season 3 of Gidi Up with a private video in the playlist, which could only mean one thing – Gidi Up is coming back SOON and my body needs to be ready. This then prompted me to marathon both seasons and I figured I should share the wealth.

Wait…what do you mean, “What is Gidi Up?” How have you lived without this masterpiece in your life??!

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Gidi Up is a Nigerian webseries about a group of young, contemporary Lagosians; Yvonne, a fashion designer, Tokunbo, a tech company starter, Obi, a radio personality, Eki, a photographer and the entangled mess of a life they live. These entanglements include a tireless sugar daddy and his abusive personal assistant (PA), loanshark wahala, infidelity, SO MUCH INFIDELITY, political corruption and other general messiness.

There is so much to love about Gidi Up but one of the main reasons I like it is the modernity of the show. From the soundtrack that includes songs from artists like Burna boy, Bez and Temi Dollface, to the videography, to the in-style costuming and to the highlighting of contemporary professions in Nigeria such as photography and fashion design, modernity is the order of the day. It highlights many issues that young people face including financial problems that often lead to sex work, parents disapproval in professions that are not doctor, lawyer or engineer, and it has a great storyline progression and execution

If you haven’t watched the show – watch the whole of Season 1 here and watch Season 2 here

And for those who have already watched all the episodes but need a quick refresher on everything that transpired –


In Season 1 we find out that Obi is having money issues because his business ventures have not been as successful as he had hoped and the loan sharks that he borrowed money from, to pay a rent he cannot afford, continue to haunt him both in his dreams and in real life. Eki and Tokunbo have started a budding relationship while Tokunbo continues to look for capital to build his tech company. Yvonne wants to end the relationship with her Sugar daddy, which leads Folarin (Chief’s PA) to be fired, and therefore leads Folarin to Sexually assault and physically abuse Yvonne out of anger. Yvonne runs to the bathroom to call and alert her friends of her current situation and Eki is the first to come to her rescue by knocking Folarin out with a barbell. Right after the credits we see that Chief’s daughter, Sharon, returned to Yvonne’s home to pick up her misplaced bank card and happened upon Folarin’s unconscious body.

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In Season 2 we find out that Tokunbo’s tech company is thriving, while Yvonne’s business has relapsed after her assault. While her friends believe Folarin has been jailed, it is revealed that Yvonne denied the whole incident and therefore let Folarin walk scott-free. One night as Obi is driving home he is ambushed and assaulted by his loan sharks, and is saved by a rich good Samaritan who foots his hospital bill. Bless her soul.

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Chief’s daughter, Sharon, befriends Yvonne and makes her aware that she knows about the affair with Yvonne and her father, and also proposes a partnership with Yvonne’s fashion line that Yvonne eventually accepts. Yvonne is then invited to Sharon’s dinner event where Yvonne meets Folarin again, and of course, Folarin being Folarin tried to start some mess but Yvonne shut. It.down. However, at the same event, Folarin is seen blackmailing the Chief (who had previously fired him) and forcing him to share his business connections with him

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Next couple episodes we see Obi’s good Samaritan becoming QUITE comfortable with him, while Yvonne and Sharon are developing problems in their partnership, and Tokunbo is neglecting important responsibilities in both his business and relationship (his cheating ass). Speaking of cheating, Sharon’s soon-to-be husband, Meka, has been ogling and expressing his love to Yvonne – she really about to take all the men in this girl’s life. On the flip side, Eki has disclosed to Tokunbo that she is pregnant, and Tokunbo advises her to get an abortion.

Obi’s good Samaritan has officially become his sugar mama, and Yvonne has officially become Meka’s side piece. Eki officially decides to get the abortion, despite worries that she may not have children in the future, however Tokunbo who promised to take her to the clinic is MIA and she’s left to deal with this traumatizing ordeal on her own which, coupled with other shortcomings, eventually leads to the demise of her relationship with Tokunbo. Meanwhile, Obi is putting 2 and 2 together and is realizing his sugar mama may be involved in some messy and illegal things, which is only worsened when he sees Folarin at her home in a meeting with some other powerful people.

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Folarin is actually quite busy because Sharon asks him to track Meka to see if he has been cheating on her after seeing some suspect texts on his phone – Sharon’s fears are confirmed. Folarin is also busy shutting down Tokunbo’s company, “Techserve” which I think is wholly deserved but that’s just my opinion.

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Then we come to find out Obi’s Sugar Mama is Meka’s aunty and Sharon reports Yvonne and Meka’s actions to Aunty. This comes at a point when we are informed that Sugar Mama Aunty got the EFCC Chairman KILLED so essentially, Yvonne is in danger! And so is Obi! Obi even tried to break up with homegirl and she in so many words threatened his life. Hay God!

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While Tokunbo gets a pep talk (and promised capital) from his daddy, Eki is slowly getting into a new relationship with Ikechuckwu (that isn’t his name but that’s what I’m calling him till further notice), and Sharon boutta whoop Yvonne’s ass, but she doesn’t need to do that because Sugar Mama Aunty has told Meka about Yvonne’s sugar baby/gold digger past. Folarin is seen printing political campaign flyers, indicating he’s about to run for office. Tokunbo is driving his father, the person who is about to save his business, when he develops car issues and Tokunbo goes to look for a vulcanizer, but when he returns his papa has been killed by an armed robber. What a pity. (Does he still get that check though?)

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Now that you’re all caught up, you can wait with me for the release of the third season…whenever that will be.

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