Who says Nigerian guys aren’t romantic? OG’s newest album, BLVD 2 is romantic and soulful. From the Bay Area, California OG brings a very honest and personal follow up project: BLVD 2.

When I asked OG about the title: BLVD, OG stated, “When I listen to my music it’s a lot like taking a trip for me.” Know that BLVD 2 is NOT  a sequel to BLVD 1. The continuation of the title shows a different tale but the same OG.

Check out BLVD 1 here:   (In BLVD 1 & BLVD 2 OG purposely gives each project a different feel)

BLVD 2 explains where OG is in regards to his “love life”. OG says, “I’m in a place of just trying to figure out what is for me and not operating out of carnality but from divinity.” You’ll figure out that on BLVD 2, OG is talking to a certain someone..When asked about this certain someone (you know I had to ask) OG does hope she gets the message loud and clear

Production on BLVD 2 is heavily credited to Toyin Ores,  Nigerian artist/producer also from the Bay who’s cooking dope music along with OG. OG says he and Toyin Ores argue when it comes to making music but when they do, quality work is done. What came out of the studio with BLVD 2 was a candid project of OG, and challenges listeners to also be honest in their lives as well.

A sincere vibrant collection of modern R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop, BLVD 2 is out now. Available on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

Be sure to check out the full interview with OG and more at:

And see OG on IG @ogbandboy



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