Wizkid’s “Come Closer video was released last night and the internet did not fail to notice Drake’s absence from the video. In proper Nigerian fashion, a barrage of insults and hilarious comments followed on Drake’s instagram. So we’re here to help alleviate your pain and explain why he didn’t show up for the shoot.

1Drake is still practicing his “Jamaican” accent.

Photo by Genius

More chune for your head tops.


2Drake was getting a matching flower tat on his thigh.

Photo by Hip-Hop-N-More

 More Life 🌸

3Drake thought Skepta was going to be there too.

Photo by GQ234

Skepta: No this isn’t the song with me on it…that was Ojuelegba. It’s a different song.

Drake: Oh…… I’m Blem forreal. 🌸

4Bria Myles

Photo by Come Closer Video

5He was on tour!

Photo by Zumic

Yes we all want the best for Wizkid and Drake getting on a song with him is a huge deal, however this is his video, not Drake’s. Don’t watch the video looking only for Drake and miss on a great moment for our Starboy. We already did that with “One Dance”, so lets enjoy this one.


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