New Music: Jacob Banks – The Boy Who Cried Freedom EP

Stop what you’re doing, Jacob Banks has dropped a new EP. No, I’m actually serious, place your celebratory 4/20 blunt down (for just a moment of course) and soak in all of this. You may find yourself wondering where this sense of urgency is coming from and who exactly does this random writer on the internet think she is, telling you what to do right now, on 4/20 of all days! But rest assured, once you hear Jacob’s arresting baritone, you’ll see the light–I believe in you. Jacob Banks is an artist who spent his formative years in Nigeria before moving to the U.K. as a preteen. He grew up with artists who span throughout black music like, Fela Kuti, Daddy Shokey, Al Green and Sam Cooke as inspirations and musical references and once you listen to his third EP, The Boy Who Cried Freedom, it all comes full circle.  The power and urgency behind Jacob’s voice seem to be far beyond his years and harkens back to a time when Motown reigned supreme on the charts, while still being masterfully layered over production that is decidedly of this era. I could go on and on about Banks’ voice, and the various aspects of it, like how with his tone he effortlessly conveys strength and then switches to vulnerability tinged with pain. However, I’ll reel it back instead and let you enjoy The Boy Who Cried Freedom for yourself. Check it out below and let me know if it was worth the interruption.

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