5 (more) African Movies to watch on Netflix

So you took our advice and watched all 10 of the films we previously recommended. Now your body is just itching for more African films to watch, abi? Here are 5 more African movies to watch on the flix of net.

  1. The Wedding Party (2016)

The Wedding Party is a Nigerian dramedy about a rich, Igbo, former playboy who is getting married to a middle class, Yoruba virgin and the various events that affect their wedding including: their families being at odds due to tribal and socio-economic differences, generational infidelity, weird British influenced wedding guest hats and much more.

2. Veve (2014)

Veve is a Kenyan film about a corrupt politician, the enemies he’s made along the way due to his cruel tactics and how his decisions ultimately come back to haunt him. This movie has complex characters, romance, action and a plot of political corruption. It was produced by One Fine Day Films, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping African filmmakers share their stories.

3. The Pearl of Africa (2016)

The Pearl of Africa is a documentary that follows a Ugandan transwoman, Cleo, and how she navigates daily life in a country that passed the Anti-homosexuality Bill which has made homosexuality punishable by a life sentence and “aggressive homosexuality” punishable by execution. Despite all the hardships indicated, The Pearl of Africa, at its core, is really a great love story.

4. Like Cotton Twines

An American-Ghanaian collaboration, Like Cotton Twines, is a film that deals with the consequences of traditional customs. 14-year-old Tuigi’s father has committed murder and it is the custom for her to become trokosi which entails her serving as a slave, both sexual and physical, for 10 years at the shrine, otherwise, her family dies. In steps Micha Brown (played by Jay Elis aka Lawrence from Insecure aka Mr. Best Buy aka cheetah cheetah, #TeamIssa) an American teacher who has come to Ghana to teach GSS2 English and has become hellbent on saving Tuigi, his student, from this miserable fate. The film also features Ghanaian #actressbae of life, Yvonne Okoro, and other popular Ghanaian actors.

5. Gone Too Far (2013)

A British-Nigerian collaboration, Gone Too Far, is the hilarious and heartwarming story of FOB meets ajebutter. Two brothers, Ikudayisi (Nollywood’s O.C Ukeje) and Yemi (Malachi Kirby of Black Mirror and Roots) though related, grew up in two very different environments. While Yemi lived a typical Nigerian-British life, his older brother Ikudayisi has lived his whole life in Nigeria and now that he’s been granted a British visa, he brings to Britain all his FOB quirks which tends to end up embarrassing Yemi. This movie brings nostalgia for all of us that have gone through our FOB phase and also for those of us who have ever experienced second-hand embarrassment due to our newcomer or visiting relatives. Both sides are presented and we leave with a better understanding of both perspectives.


Tell us which movies you’ve watched, which ones you look forward to and which ones are your favorite!

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