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Even though they say actions speak louder than words, a picture is still worth a thousand words. If you really pay attention, they can be worth way more. The folks over at Baroque Age, a creative collective based in Nigeria, have set a plan in motion to change the actions of those that came before us, to change the perspective of what the media sees in us as Africans. With a photo series such as “Force” by Thompson S. Ekong, Visual Director of Baroque Age, there is a lot to hear, all you have to do is focus. Take a look (or listen) at the work, it speaks for itself and visit to follow the new wave of change.

“In working thus far, I’ve created paradigm shifts in what we see as African, what should be studied what, what we call culture not from an view of a distant generation that was plagued with issues of not forgotten yet not present in this new era.”

“I’m trying to fix the gaze on more. To break the moulds that still confine the black skin, the issues that still lie as tribal and cultural barriers.”

“The discussion for me is in the story telling of the problems I see around, the identity of my has a calling to be related with anyone Around me. Long ago was the time when the black flesh had no place in the world, now we are everything in the world and these new journey is what I keep stored, fractions by fractions in each series.”

“The issues feel minimal in their creation, yet I talk about them with a black view at heart, a human art of perspectives.”

“Two of my series I’ve sent in specifically fixate on the female gender, not only is that an African issue, it’s a global issue I feel needs to be addressed.”

“The glory of each shot helps me contribute my say, my view, my words to the world.” -Thomas S. Ekong

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Creative Direction/Visual Direction by Thompson S. Ekong

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