P Square’s Game Over Turns 10

Other than being an indicator of how decidedly fleeting 2017 is and the date of the Met Gala, May 1st, 2017 also marks the 10 year anniversary of P. Square’s seminal third album, Game Over. At the time of its release, Game Over reportedly sold a million records in its first week, making it the first Nigerian album to ever do so, signaling an important period of time for the development and mass interest shown in Afropop music. The album showed a huge amount of growth from their (forgettable) debut album, Last Nite, with more finely tuned production, improved vocals, and better-crafted lyrics. Game Over strengthened the stride that Peter and Paul found on their second album, Get Squared, with P Square stepping away from overproduced tracks and delivering classic ballads like, “No One Like U” and “Ifunnaya”; while still maintaining relevance on dancefloors with tracks like, “Do Me” and “Roll It.” Game Over helped set the stage for what is arguably P Square’s best album to date, their fourth album, Danger and heightened their stardom to new levels. Despite bringing up varying levels of nostalgia, when you listen to Game Over in 2017 the music still feels fairly fresh and will have you ready for the good vibes of summer. If anything, what does put a timestamp on Game Over (to my delight) is the accompanying music videos with fashunz including: tall tees, slanted fitted caps (and durags), and ankle grazing shorts. So to mark the 10th anniversary let’s take a moment to truly reminisce (and maybe even chuckle) while looking at all of the visuals from Game Over.

“More Than A Friend”

“Do Me”

“No One Like You”

“Roll It”


What are some of your songs from Game Over and early 2000’s fashion trends?Share below!

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