16 African Natural Hair Vloggers Worth Following

Confession time–I must say that I am truly the laziest of all “lazy naturals.” My wash days are at the very least one (dreaded) full day and I use protective styles to steer clear of the drudgery of dealing with my extremely thick, bra strap length hair on a daily basis. Sometimes, the laziness can translate into near neglect–something that I was fully faced with when I recently washed my hair and noticed that the quality of my hair just seemed…different. With that observation, I came to the realization that I need to put more effort and care into my hair, instead of taking it for granted. With that realization, as with all great realizations in life, I decided to head straight to YouTube to learn some more and head down the YouTube rabbit hole.

It’s always been ironic to me when you hear some natural hair enthusiasts who aren’t African – view the page for details, making the assumption that their natural hair immediately connects them more to Africa and its inhabitants. However, many African girls grow up, getting relaxers as soon as they’re old enough so that their hair will be more “manageable.” When or if we do decide to actually go natural, it’s often met with negative commentary and chiding from elders. We also get a good amount of African hair stylists and braiders who complain about working with natural hair and will try to talk you into getting relaxers. Natural hair is still seen as a novelty at times in West Africa at times and the natural hair movement is still gaining traction on the continent. So, with all that being said I decided as I headed down that YouTube rabbit hole that I wanted to highlight YouTubers that at least to some extent understand this unique struggle. Check out some of these must follow, natural African YouTubers below:


Philomino Kane aka NaturallyPhilo is a young Ghanaian hair vlogger, who of course also attends Princeton University. At just a little under 3 years on Youtube, she’s already amassed over 3 million views on her videos. She has videos on a range of natural hair topics but most importantly, Philo always approaches her videos with an injection of her fun personality and some healthy doses of humor.


Chizi Duru is a Nigerian natural vlogger, proudly repping for team 4c. Other than being lovely to look at and pulling off every style that she attempts, Chizi oozes relatability and gives off major “a girl’s girl” vibes–something that her 96,820 subscribers gravitate towards. Along with hair videos, Chizi has great vlogs, with her videos from her Nigeria visit getting me even more excited about planning a trip for later this year.


At just about two years on the Youtube platform, Chinwe Nnajiofor aka Igbocurls has already made her presence known in the natural hair community. The Nigerian-based vlogger creates videos that are both informational and fairly concise. She also uses and shares information on some Nigerian hair care brands, which is great for viewers who may want to support these types of brands. On top of her YouTube page, Igbocurls also has her own blog and even an app, where you can find all types of detailed hair tips and tricks.

@Pure Estrogen

Luyando aka Pure Estrogen has been natural for 7 years and has hit the YouTube scene running since then, amassing nearly 7 million views in that time. Her page was initially more focused towards DIY weaves but has since then shifted in focus. The Zambian beauty has created an immense amount of content and has videos featuring just about every style imaginable. She also has a blog that touches on everything from braiding to figuring out how to stop over-packing.


Aboyowa Wood aka westafricanbaby, reps for the two West African frenemies, Ghana and Nigeria, by way of Chicago. An electrical engineer by day, Aboyowa uses her YouTube page to deliver a plethora of cute and fun hairstyles to try on your strands. If you’re in a bit of a styling rut, her page is definitely one worth directing yourself towards.


Temitope Adesina, aka NaturallyTemi is a natural hair vlogger from the DMV, with the hair of many girls’ dreams. Not only does she have beautiful hair, but her accompanying beautiful makeup looks makes her videos that much more fun to watch. Basically, Temi gives you, the lucky viewer, a makeup and hair 2 for 1 with most videos.

@Nappyfu TV

Grace O. is a Nigerian natural powerhouse, commanding nearly 5 million total views on all of her videos. A self-described, “everyday natural hair nerd,” Nappyfu’s channel embraces all aspects of the 4c journey–the good, the bad, and the ugly. She pokes fun at some of the trends in the natural hair community–as seen in her hilarious 2016 roast, while also using her videos to share useful information in a relatable manner.

@EfikZara (of Zara and Nichola)

Zara Simon-Ogan aka EfikZara is a well-known face in the natural community and the land that is Nigerian YouTube. The popular vlogger now shares her YouTube channel with her sister Nichola, who focuses on makeup, while Zara places focus on things relating to hair. An interesting tidbit is that one of their other sisters is popular beauty YouTube guru, GlambyIsoken–I guess it runs in the family. She is also a featured guest beauty blogger for our beloved, Bellanaija and a talented violinist that also has violin afrobeats covers on her YouTube page.

@Amber Ansah

Amber’s page is a departure from the norm of who I follow in regards to natural hair on YouTube but its refreshing to get a departure from the typical American point of view at times. Amber Ansah is a young lady of Belgian and Ghanaian descent living in Belgium. She’s newer on the YouTube scene, having only started sharing videos a year ago but her videos with its friendly, conversational style provide an excellent reference point for those with type 3c/4a hair.

@Klassy Kinks

First of all, congrats! Followers of Ijeoma aka Klassy Kinks may know that she recently got married to her bae, that she occasionally features in her videos. Ijeoma is a Ph.D. student, who started using YouTube 7 years ago to share her hair journey. Her YouTube channel primarily features simple, approachable styles for those of you who may not be too experimental with your hairstyles and a glimpse into her everyday life. Plus, the hair colors that she chooses are always so lovely. Klassy Kinks also has a fairly comprehensive blog that not only features hair tips but everything from, recipes to tips on grad school.


Kiitan A. aka @Kiitanaxo is an Atlanta-based Nigerian vlogger with an infectious smile and in a little under 3 years, she’s reached bona fide #influencer levels, with a little over 6.4 million views on all of her videos. Kiitan’s feed is comprised of a consistent flow of videos, featuring virtually every crochet style that you could ever think of. She also occasionally meets up with other Nigerian YouTube favorites like, Ronke Raji, Yagazie, and the aforementioned Chizi Duru, which is always fun to see. She also has a blog, that serves more like a mood board for all things @Kiitanaxo.

@Ghana Goddess

Dr. Michelle LeBelle is a (clearly) Ghanaian Youtuber. She’s been on YouTube for years so her video offerings are vast and diverse. She basically has a video on any topic that you could think of, including an in-depth vlog channel where she offers a very personal view into her life.

@Hermela Solomon

Hermela Solomon is an Ethiopian YouTuber from the DMV, repping for the 3c beauties out there. Despite of her hair’s enviable length and volume, Hemela still has had her own struggles within her natural journey and in her less than 1 year of creating YouTube videos she has shared many of her different hair routines and curl-saving tips.

@Akushika GoneNatural

Jennifer Navarrette aka Akushika GoneNatural is a Ghanaian YouTuber based in New York City. She provides an excellent point of reference for Naturalistas with shorter hair, as well as hauls and reviews.


Laila-Jean aka FusionofCultures is Ghanaian YouTuber based out of London. With over 15 million total views, 233,912 subscribers, and nearly 78,000 followers on Instagram, FusionofCultures is another powerhouse in the natural hair and lifestyle arena. She features fun, eye-catching hairstyles that are still fairly easy to do along with plenty of product reviews. She also gives viewers a fun glimpse into life as a 20-something year old in London.


Nadine, is a Ghanaian mother of three daughters, based in the U.S. and the UK, who created the YouTube channel @girlsloveyourcurls. Girlsloveyourcurls is a channel created mainly for the parents and caretakers of black children to help them learn how to properly take care of their children’s hair. In my opinion, this YouTube channel is one of the most important channels on the list. With more parents being aware of what they put in their children’s hair and sometimes being overwhelmed when dealing with natural hair, Nadine provides easy to follow directions in a calming, approachable way. The tips and information that she offers can also be incorporated into your adult hairstyles.

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