What Is A Yoruba Demon? – According to Funmi Iyanda

Funmi Iyanda is a popular media personality through her work as a journalist, talk show host, and blogger. On her YouTube channel she answers questions and gives advice, this time around she answers a question that’s been on the mind of many on social media. Why are Yoruba men demons? What are the causes; is it just a random phenomenon? Is it just a joke that social media has blown out of proportion, or does the stereotype hold some merit? Funmi tackles this question in an interesting and unexpected way, looking at it from a sociological and historical lens. Even if you’re one of the people who now rolls their eyes when the topic of Yoruba demons comes up this video still makes for an interesting and informative watch. Check it out below, before you have your next debate on the validity of the Yoruba demon stereotype.

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