For the Vibrant: African-Bohemian Brand “Nocè” Launches New Collection

Pronounced (no-say), nocè is an unprecedented woman-focused brand, created by designer Mary Smith. Specifically created by women and for women as an outlet which celebrates femininity and creativity that stems from being a woman, nocè exemplifies what it means to be bold, independent, dedicated, and goal oriented. The vibrant brand primarily focuses on Bohemian and Afrocentric culture.

All pieces are skillfully and masterfully handmade and draws inspiration by traditions, shapes, encounters, symbols, and cultures. Smith took a leap of faith to establish a balance between both creativity and business while also introducing entrepreneurial inspiration through a brand created for women by women. “nocè reminds us of the inherent vibrancy women posses. Appearance is the first impression, and the colorful whimsy of each piece demonstrates the vitality and spirited parts of ourselves we should nurture, all the while delivering a bang for your senses and buck,” Smith said via email.

The nocè woman embodies strength, power, and grace. “She is the manifestation of living, dressing, and working to please herself first then cater passionately to others.” Check out their instagram and webshop to get the latest Spring/Summer 2017 line. Pre-orders are currently available.

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