Tough Topics and Monologues: A BeingBola Production

“Being Bola” is all about telling stories. Whether it is through photography, writing or videos, Bola Rahman, the creative director of Being Bola, desires to make connections and to show people that humanity is a shared experience. No one is alone.

A Monologue is a speech by a singular person to express their mental thoughts and feelings. This series features topics that are extremely personal yet need to be heard.

Bola’s monologue series features different African characters, giving personal, indepth monologues on difficult topics–topics that people in the African community typically shy away from discussing.

Episode One was on depression and suicide among Africans

Episode Two was on emotional and physical abuse

Most recently, with Episode three Bola Rahman stated that she wanted to explore abuse in young men.

“Men get sexually assaulted and raped too, and by other men (at times). Unfortunately, between culture, social perceptions and society’s inability to provide a safe space; these men suppress their pain and live double lives” – Bola Rahman

This episode of the Monologues features Peter, who was raped as a child by his uncle.

Peter is a Pilot. Growing up with ambassadors as parents made him very disciplined, precise and organized, almost to an OCD level. He is married and has three sons. His marriage is currently going through a rough phase as Peter feels like he can no longer hide his attraction to the same sex. After being raped by his uncle, he was not the same. He’s managed to keep his feelings at bay, but this secret is threatening to ruin everything.

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African Ceniphile. Aspiring filmmaker. Stout Iyan and Efo riro advocate

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