Skales “The Never Say Never Guy” Album Review

Skales – The Never Say Never Guy Album Review

Skales’ sophomore album, The Never Say Never Guy, is finally out and it’s evident he had something to say to say to his fans, his mum, his haters and to all the fine girls. After sitting with the album for almost 3 weeks, we have a lot to say as well, So let’s get started shall we?

1. “Thank God” – Skales starts with a slow, steady, arguably reggae beat, thanking God for where he is now, reminiscing on hard times. I like this version of Skales, seemingly joyful and serious at the same time as he talks directly to us about his life. It’s different. The beat, flow, the lyrics and melody, drums and horns start the album very well. We learn Skales came up with his mum only and no mention of his father. A favorite of mine.

2. “Mama” – A song to his mother. Keep track of the artists who sing for their mother and those who don’t. Again, Skales is getting personal as he starts his album, rapping about his mum and past times with his mum. Skales sings and raps on this track, and does a good job, but could have made it flow better or used a better beat. For those who listen to albums, there are times our African artists get personal and you’re able to get to know the artist behind the music videos, singles, and late or never show club appearances.

3. “Gbefun Onetime” (feat. Burna Boy) – This track is on the same melody playing on guitar over and over and over, and it may get annoying if you notice, but it doesn’t bother you when you no longer mind it, and hear Burna Boy on the track. Burna Boy does a good job on his feature, as expected. This is the 3rd song on the album and it seems like Skales is in a very good mood on this project.

4. “Booty Language” – …….yes this is the title of the song. It’s a song for the club obviously, “booty, ass, idi, ukwu” in what I can imagine to be his best impression of a seductive voice on the hook. Lyrics like “there’s a booty in your language” is enough for me to skip a track. Next!

5. “Make Love In The Morning” (feat. Wande Coal) – Nigerian’s black diamond features on this track for lovers. This isn’t a track you might expect from Skales because of the beat. But I commend him for diversifying his sound and tune. Skales in my opinion does a lot better on slower beats rather when fast paced tempo songs.

6. “Kpete Wicked” – It’s a nice beat, using instruments that stand out, but he could have used better lyrics on this song. Songwriting seems to be below par on this song. It’s a good song, but we always strive for our talented artists to wow us and although I like the song and enjoy the beat, I wasn’t moved.

7. “Loke Loke” – Produced by Young John, in “Loke Loke” Skales is going to the top to enjoy, money and enjoyment. I can’t lie, this doesn’t sound like a mad, unexpected, turn up Young John beat, it’s chill. It’s another positive reinforcement Nigerian song. Skales like most other artists like speaks success and what he wants to existence which may be why he sings on it a lot, but you have to hustle though, Skales makes it clear as he sings “Poverty na disease.”

8. “Gallant” (feat. Lil Kesh) – Another great beat, Skales has connections I’m convinced. Again maybe not the best lyrics from Skales, but it’s a nice song. Skirobobobo skiboooo Lil Kesh is on the song and with good reason, without a feature on this song, it would have not been as good as it was. Kesh tried his hardest to save the song but at the end of the day, this song is just okay.

9. “For You” – Again, a tolerable song with a cool beat, but its missing something to make it an official jam. It’s another “baby baby, jaiye jaiye, bum bum” song, and it sounds nice, but if not before, right now the album is losing points. Skales has amazing beats, but the flow and lyrics sometimes don’t match.

10. “Ko Ma Gbon” – The production is amazing! But once again, Skales doesn’t give the beat what it deserves and the song ends up missing a sort of essence, and it’s obvious. Maybe Skales could have done something different on this beat, a topic, a story, an anthem, something else. But if you want dance and turn up, it’s for you.

11. “Speak My Mind” (feat. Timaya) Finally a song not singing jaiye or women or bum. He did thank God and praise his mum in the beginning of the album but its been enjoyment, booty language and baby love song since until now. Skales and Timaya collaborate “if money goes, friends go-go…if money goes, woman go go” one of the deeper lyrics Skales has on his album.

12. “Let Me Love You” (feat. Phyno) Skales and Phyno team up to sing to the ladies. To be honest, due to the beat, chorus and flow, Phyno arguably is the best part of the song, even for us who don’t understand Igbo. I would give Skales credit as his collaborations are almost certainly great songs.

13. “Feel Good” (feat. PJ Morton of Maroon 5) – an unexpected collaboration very smooth with Skales singing very well. This is a very pop-ish kind of song. The way Skales sings on this song, you wouldn’t know he’s Nigerian. Skales’ talent finally shines on this song. I wonder how PJ Morton and Skales linked up though.

14. “Lavish” (feat. Rotimi) – A turn up tune, its amazing to see Africans, Nigerians across countries linking up to make good music. Great beat. Great Feel. Great collaboration.

15. “Booty Language” (feat. Sarkodie) – this is the Remix of track 4…with a below average verse from Sarkodie…that’s it.

16. “Jogodo” – Very late in the album, this may be the first jam I’m actually bobbing my head to. His different use of his voice the beginning of the song is what activates you. This is a club tune, and if you hear this song, you will move and dance. This song is what I like about Skales. When you do everything right, when you have the right beat, the right flow, the right lyrics (even if it’s nonsense) it’s a song that can easily get popular with plays in the club/party and becomes memorable. Well done.

17. “That Shhhh” (feat. Egar Boi & Fifi Cooper) – A smooth tune, that again…has something missing. Skales collaborates with South Africa on this song. I love when African artists from different countries can come together to make music. It’s an okay song, but kudos to them.

18. “Give Me Love” (feat. Tekno) – a jam, a dancing tune. Tekno’s talent on other people’s song is amazing, its his confidence that makes this song and many other songs Tekno is on. I wont compare Skales’ performance and Tekno’s performance on this song, they both did their own thing to make a great song. A favorite on the album. The first bonus song.

19. “Temper Remix” (feat. Burna Boy) – You know this song. If you don’t, go and listen and get your Summer 2017 correct my friend. Shoutout to Burna Boy for just killing this song. Skales shines when he slows down and sings/raps/harmonizes. Just do your uncle and auntie two-step to this and enjoy.

20. “Ajaga” (feat. Davido & Timaya) – The third bonus song and last song of the project, to be honest he could have done without the song. Another party song that isn’t really that hot.

Album Favorites: “Thank God”, “Mama”, “Loke Loke”, “Jogodo”

Skales can make hit songs and is very talented, however this project could have been greater with better songwriting and lyric choices. What, when, and how to say certain things on different beats does make a difference in a song and better yet an album. Great collaborations and great beats on this project make it listen worthy.

Overall Rating 2.5/5

Listen to it below, and let us know what you think!

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