The Tim Westwood Show’s #Top5 “African” Freestyles 

Tim Westwood is easily one of the most recognizable names in the music industry. Every time an artist comes on his show, it is almost certain that they will be spitting a quick freestyle before they leave. There has been some impressive freestyles, average ones, the not so good ones, and then the flat-out embarrassing ones. So we decided to compile a list of our top five freestyles from African artists. Check out the list and videos below and let us know who is in your personal top five.


He tops the list with his impressive freestyle from 2008. He went in for 9 minutes straight.


This freestyle from four years ago showed how comfortable the Starboy is with his style because he stuck to what he knows and killed it.

Ice Prince 

Ice Prince is easily one of the best rappers in Africa and he proved how he gained and established this position with this freestyle.

J Hus

His aggressive style has gotten him a lot of recognition in recent years, and during this freestyle he proved why it should be respected.


He finishes off our list with his quick but deadly flow. Even if you can’t understand every line, it still sounds lit.

Honorable Mention –  Davido

The freestyle that keeps on giving. This might be the most memorable one from this entire list, going viral and cementing this blunder in everyone’s mind. Mr. OBO did a good job of providing us with some good laughs.

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