Review: Palm Wine Music Vol. 1

When you think of Afrobeats and the music scene in Nigeria, currently, most minds usually goes towards Davido or Wizkid. However, there are a plethora of artists who your ears should also be tuned in to.

“You’re now rocking with the SDC it’s the ShowDemCamp,” echoes out when you listen to Show Dem Camp aka SDC.

SDC is made up of two emcees who hail from the beautiful city known as Lagos, Nigeria. Ghost and Tec (who cite Nas and Fela Kuti as some of their inspirations) are the two emcees and the duo brings a unique sound mixing Afrobeats, hip-hop, and traditional Nigerian music.

SDC bursted onto the scene in 2010 with their first project, turned trilogy, called, The Clone Wars. Since then they have released their 2011 album The Dreamer Project, which featured the hits, “Talk About It” and “Farabale.”

In 2013 they released one of their more popular tracks entitled, “Feel Alright,” produced by DJ Juls, which opened the duo up to a new sound and launched the beginning of the palm wine vibe.

Recently, SDC released their newest project,  Palm Wine Music Vol. 1, “smooth,” “refreshing,” and “relaxing” are some of the words that instantly come to mind when you hit play on the tape.

SDC does chemistry very well on this project, all six tracks (there’s seven if you include the skit) are produced by Spax and features artists: BOJ, Funbi, LadiPoe, Ajebutter22–all people who have previously worked with the duo. 

In addition to this, they feature talented up and comers Tomi Thomas and none other than, Odunsi The Engine (all of the featured artists are people who you need to look out for).

One of the best parts of the projects is how it seamlessly celebrates the individualism of each featured artist but still meshes well and the music never lets you forget the fact, that it’s ultimately Ghost and Tec who are pulling the strings with their rapping over Spax’s brilliant production.

With summer here, the 7 track project is perfect for the current season, especially during the summer evenings. The duo covers a wide array of topics from struggles in the music industry, vibing with their friends, relationships, dating Nigerian’s to of course an ode to all of the beautiful women.

SDC’s Palm Wine Music Vol. 1 is great for old fans of the duo and a lovely introduction for new fans. Their music has matured without feeling aged and this new offering is proof of that.
So if you have not done so yet, make sure to listen to Palm Wine Music Vol 1.


Showdemcamp has also recently released the video for, “Up to You” (featuring Funbi), which was directed by King Davies and edited by Shot By Shakes. Check it out below.

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