Tyler, The Creator Partners with Converse

While everyone is distracted, focusing on trying to decipher aspects of his personal life, Tyler, the Creator has proven to be as business minded as ever–announcing a new collaboration with shoe brand, Converse. In the past Tyler, the Creator popularly released multiple collaborations with Vans in the past and has worn Vans faithfully. However, in the ad announcing his Converse launch, he notedly lights up Vans on fire.


In a recent interview with Dazed Digital, Tyler explained the reasoning behind the switch between brands stating, “Imagine being in a fucking cocoon, Vans just wouldn’t let me grow. It was a ceiling and I was like, ‘Fuck this.’ Converse is allowing me to bloom, no pun intended, and it’s great.” The collaboration will undoubtedly help breathe new life into the brand. Check out images of the new, limited edition sneaker below and the Wolf Haley aka Tyler, The Creator directed ad announcing the new partnership.

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