Theo Martins: A Man of Many Talents

In the age of young people with 15 slashes in their bio, about page, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages–we’ve embraced a  generation of people who are able to cross over industries and still perform at high levels. Whether you call it the “Pharrell model” or just deem it a sign of the times, with youth being able to multitask with the aid of the internet, we are here for a new age of young entrepreneurs not being limited by anything.

We had the opportunity to talk to a creative who truly embodies this effortless way of being, managing to juggle it all. This man in question is Theo Martins: musician, Good Posture, The Theo Show, and now…Cereal and Such. Theo recently opened up Cereal and Such, a cereal bar in LA, located behind the streetwear store, Virgil Normal.

Where did the idea for cereal and such come from?

The idea was simple, I love cereal. It’s been instrumental in my life since I can remember. Good Posture was growing and needed space and I thought it would be cool to have an office space that also offered cereal. The Cereal bar slowly became its own thing and it’s my home away from home to meet with friends and folks and foster the community I’ve been building through music and design with myself and Good Posture.

What did you family think when you told them you were opening a cereal shop?

My family knows my love for cereal. Like most of my endeavors, I don’t think they fully comprehend it all, but they know enough to be enamored by the actualization of it all.

You’re a guy of many talents. What keeps you focused and do you have any special processes that help you make your ideas become a reality?

I spent a lot of time early on trying to convince people that I was tasteful, artful and intelligent, but it’s better to just do it myself. I don’t force anything or force anyone if I have to spend my life building the ark I will do that. I’m cool with that.

Top 3 kinds of cereal?

My current rotation: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Raisin Bran (it’s a perfect cereal to blend with), and Honey Bunches of Oats.

Best milk? Almond, 2%, or whole?

I can consume no dairy whatsoever; my body would melt away. Almond Milk is always nice, Flax Milk is my favorite though. I miss the fullness of milk but I don’t miss the pain that comes with it. Flax Milk is a close second.

You’re originally from the east coast. Any plans for a Cereal and Such on that side?

Perhaps! I’m looking to open another concept shop on the East coast. Time will tell whether it’s a Cereal Bar or a Dry Cleaners spot.

When you’re not eating cereal…are you more Eba and stew or Jollof Rice?

Eba is #1 always. I only eat it when I go home, so it’s a special moment. Jollof is always good too, but Eba reigns supreme forever.


Check out the Cereal and Such podcast–a monthly show of creatives, talking about culture, music and their passions, featuring the likes of Anwar Carrots and Modi of DCtoBC

Follow Cereal and Such on Instagram. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm. Making it perfect for a late breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Cereal and Such at Virgil Normal
4157 Normal Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Photos: Eater LA


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