Snowfall’s Damson Idris Visits Jimmy Kimmel

If you’re not yet familiar with Damson Idris yet, I believe that will change in the near future. Damson Idris is a young British-Nigerian actor (from Peckham to be exact), who is part of a new wave of black British actors, coming stateside, and creating discussions within “black Hollywood.” Damson is currently the star of the John Singleton directed FX TV-show, Snowfall, which has recently been renewed for a second season (if you haven’t watched it yet, catch up). Resumé aside, Damson visited late night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel last night and delivered great banter. Seeing how charming and funny Damson is within the eight-minute interview, it’s easy to foresee Damson going on to have a great career. Watch the two different parts of the interview below and get ready to laugh a bit and hear Damson deliver a spot-on Kendrick Lamar imitation.

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