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The latest project from Toyin Ores, Nights Like This is out and from blending different sounds he’s solidifying his own. The project is a breath of fresh air and a VERY smooth listen from beginning to end. After hearing the project I reached out to have our sit down with the very talented Toyin Ores to know more about him and his musical process.

Tell the people about yourself and your sound/music and musical history/discography.

My name is Oluwatoyin Oresanya, 22-year-old college student from Nigeria currently studying Geoscience at Penn State as an international student (people always think I’m studying sound engineering or something related to music when they first hear I’m in college). I go into music in SS 1, I believe that that’s the 10 grade, a friend of mine came to school one day with recording software on his laptop and we were just playing around with it, rapping on beats of our favorite songs
And just catching a vibe for the most part, I really got into music though by my senior year in high school (SS3) I was in a music group at the time and we just recorded our first single as a group, I personally didn’t like the song cause I felt there was so much to do with it by everybody else felt it was okay, at that point that’s when I knew I needed to get more hands on with my music so I started learning how to make beats, sing, write and engineer my songs on my own cause I’m better off doing it myself than paying someone that would mostly mess up the idea I had in mind.
Fast forward to freshman of college, at this point I didn’t know what I wanted my sound to be so I was just dabbing on different ideas as a producer so see what I liked best and what not, I put out a couple of tracks along the way but I never really got anywhere with it so I decided to take a break from making music and just focused on producing for other people, shout out to Simply Sola for supporting me with that, he gave me a shot at producing his first solo project “Lies and Deceit”
Sharpening skills so when I got into Penn State, I finally had my own space to get recording equipment and speakers to crack out music. I started recording again in early 2016, put out my first ever project called “and then I found you”
My dad told me “people that make music for others never find joy in what they make, if you make it for yourself, others will enjoy it”
Like that I went through a revamping process for my music, did what felt good to me and didn’t care what anybody told me,, I could be my only judge but that didn’t mean I didn’t listen to constructive criticism from family, friends, and my close brothers from BAND, and fast forward to present that’s how we have “Nights Like This”

As a musician, what do want listeners to take away from your project? And is there a there a theme/message of Nights Like This?

The theme of the project of experiencing a young college student go through at night haha be it in conversations with your boys, your thought process at a party or just thoughts personal moments you take at night to reflect on life. Every song on the project has a true life story to it. So I hope people are able to relate with my situations that I present to them on each song. And hopefully that people realize that it’s not a bad thing to express how you feel to others. Cause as proud as people can be, deep down inside we wanna say everything that goes through our heads haha

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences right now?

My music influences right now is a mixture of old, new, American and African so people like Maleek Berry, PartyNextDoor, Juls, Travis Scott, Kanye, New Edition, James Brown, Lil Richie, the entire BAND crew haha, GoldLink, and recently DVSN

So, if you could collaborate with any African artist who would you collaborate with?

Currently it’s going to be the new guys in the game right now like Odunsi, Aylo, Snti, Mafeni and Lady Donli, cause listening to them makes me realize that there’s still a lot to learn and bigger names would be Maleek Berry, Tekno, Mr Eazi, and Falz

What makes your music different from everyone else’s?

I like to think the fusion of different sounds, I’m mixing souls, trap, sometimes dancehall and afrobeat together. You can rarely or almost not find anyone else doing what I’m doing and I’m doing everything on from the comfort of my bedroom lol

 Go back in time or go to the future?

I say future because I’m also a lil bit of a nerd and I’m curious to see where we go as far as technology takes us also music is steadily evolving you never know what could be the next wave, I personally don’t like hoping on waves but I like observing them lol

As a musician do you have a favorite album of all time?

This is all based on my personal opinion ooo!!! Nobody should come for me lol this is based on the fact that I can play this album back to back and not noticed I’ve looped like 5 times lol ‘Sept 5TH’ by DVSN

You can find Toyin Ores’ music on Soundcloud here:

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