Short Film: Hair That Moves

If you’re more in tune with things than I am, or at least than I was, up until two weeks ago, you already know that Amazon Prime is more than a speedy commerce website. Your Amazon Prime account that you pay for also affords you access to multiple tv shows and movies (I know, I know, who didn’t already know that?). A new movie that has been recently added to the Prime catalog is Hair That Moves. Directed by Yolanda Keabetswe MogatusiHair That Moves is a short film that is about Buhle, a ten-year-old South African girl. It focuses on the young African girl’s longing for stardom and hair that “moves” and flows, in a world that glorifies the beauty of people who don’t look anything like her. All of this, at least initially, is amplified by her stressed out single mother who is often too busy to worry herself with her daughter’s struggle. The movie makes for a relatable and touching watch. Check out the trailer below and watch the short film on Amazon Prime.

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