Going Viral With King Paul

Paul Owe, better known as King Paul, is a young social media mogul in the making. Born in Nigeria and raised in America, he considers himself more of an entertainer than just a comedian. Paul started his entertainment journey during the Vine era, initially posting vines like, “things girls do,” and his take on the experience of living in an African home. Because of its relatability, his posts gained traction and quickly garnered reposts, allowing many of his vine clips to go viral.

While Paul is African, he realizes that he is also heavily influenced by American culture. When I asked how he’s able to relate to the African community so much through his videos, his reply was that his videos are a reflection of his experiences in an African home, something that most Africans can relate to.

Paul is really more than what meets the eye. Even though he may appear to be “flexing” on his snapchat, he comes off as quite humble in person. I asked Paul what is one thing that most people do not know about him, and to my surprise, his response was that he is actually quite shy. He did come across as shy at the beginning of the interview, but as time progressed he opened up.

Paul is currently working on his charity called, Lit Of Life. The charity’s goal is to educate, encourage and empower the youth. The organization recently concluded its first event, a Back to School drive, where they gave out backpacks and many other school supplies to young people in the area.

Paul is a great person with tons of character. Keep up with “King Paul” by following him on Twitter and Instagram: @KingPaul__ and on Snapchat: @OmgitsKingPaul

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