It’s that time of the year again! BKChat is back, and maybe better, with a new season. This time around, Andy Amadi and his team go across the pond to New York to bring us BKChatNYC. Bringing BkChat to America has definitely been a conversation on the Twitterverse for months, but will BKChatNYC meet the expectations set by viewers? One thing I can say for sure is that it definitely feels good to see a location that is not a kitchen and living room. Check out the season premiereĀ of BKChatNYC and let us know what you think and who your favorite characters are!

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Dami Molumo is a Junior Sports Medicine major, Chemitry and African American studies minor at Howard University. Dami was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. At the age of 10, she moved to Maryland, United States, where she currently resides. She recently began documenting her journey on her blog, Blameless Creations. She loves dancing, traveling, self-reflecting, and laughing.

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