Jaiyeroof: Charity Starts at Home

There’s a new mindset that embraces cultural pride that is starting to take over and this is a “wave” that a lot of my peers and I are sure to ride. As those in the diaspora continue to learn and grow, first generation Africans all over the world are looking to infuse our culture into pretty much everything. Whether it’s through media, with publications like OneTribeMag or fashion, with brands like Mizizi, we gotta make sure everyone knows where we hail from.

Anyone that attends a university in the U.S. has come across a few sororities or fraternities in their day. These  National Pan-Hellenic Council, Greek letter organizations (for the most part) were founded on the premise of sister/brotherhood and service to their fellow human beings. An important principle in many African cultures is togetherness, so it’s only right that we’re present in organizations that support this ideal as well. For one member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc., bringing the principles of her organization to this new wave in the diaspora was only a matter of time.
Meet Saudat Almaroof. Saudat founded Jaiyeroof Inc. after traveling back to Nigeria for the first time in 17 years, with the intention of making a difference. The goal of the organization is to give members of the Nigerian-American diaspora an opportunity to give back to their homeland.

“As a Nigerian-American I have pride in saying I am from Nigeria, but there are millions of people in Nigeria suffering while I live my life comfortably in America.”

With a strong resurgence of visibility for those in the African diaspora here in America, there isn’t a better time for Jaiyeroof to grow as a platform. The same pride that comes with being a part of the culture is what Jaiyeroof plans to translate into more active involvement. Giving back to impoverished communities back across the pond. In addition to helping those back home, Jaiyeroof serves as a platform to empower members of the diaspora right here in the States.

“Jaiyeroof, Inc. is more than just an organization created to give back to Nigeria, but a platform for Nigerian-Americans to stay connected with our country, learn about the real issues effecting us, and an outlet to celebrate the excellence within our community. Each month we will highlight a Nigerian that is going above and beyond in their career, personal life, or just all around kick ass!”

They say charity starts at home and we all know that home is where the heart is. Saudat Almaroof definitely has her heart in the right place. Check out what’s next for the organization and visit the website for more information.

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