Chyn – “Omo Kekere” Music Video

I’ve been waiting for a song like this for a long time.

A perfect balance of “American” style of rapping with great flow and delivery over a modern “African” production. This isn’t exactly a new thing per se but it hasn’t been done this well since Wale’s Um Ricka. Cheyenne Labesa a.k.a. Chyn is an artist who is cultivating a niche with this talent. I randomly saw “Omo Kekere” as I was scrolling across the timeline and was instantly intrigued. The music video, directed by A Beautiful Mind Pictures, is a masterpiece in of itself. The presentation and imagery of the Nigerian family and Chyn’s ‘modern African” aesthetic is nothing short of impressive. If you didn’t know, “Omo Kekere” means Small Child and the hook “o ti dagba” basically means he is grown up, (which is interesting because these are Yoruba words, and Chyn is Igbo)

Short and sweet, watch the video below!

and check out his soundcloud for more music here

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