Tekno ft Wizkid – “Mama”


Wizkid is undeniably the biggest African artist in the world right now and Tekno has been having such a hot streak over the past couple years it’s like he can do no wrong. A lot of fans, including myself, have been waiting for collaboration between these two stars. That dream seemed to have been shot out of the sky when tension arose between Wiz and Tekno via twitter a couple of months ago. Tekno basically threw some shade taunting Wiz for being “International” (around the time Wiz was toying around with his accent) and Wiz responded by calling him a duck face. Can’t make this up.

Tekno eventually apologized and recognized Wizkid as the Lion.

Anyways, we’re glad that “beef” is squashed, and we get to hear new music. Listen to “Mama”, produced by Spotless360, below and let us know what you think!

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