“Black in Tokyo” A Documentary by Amarachi Nwosu

Photographer and all-around creative, Amarachi Nwosu, has created a dynamic platform named Melanin Unscripted and is “aimed to dismantle stereotypes and blur the racial lines by exposing complex identities and cultures around the world”. You may recognize her work with publications like OkayAfrica or Hypebeast, with artists like Mr.Eazi, and with the Lagos skateboarding crew, Wafflesandcream. Her debut documentary showcases the experiences of black people in Tokyo and how they are perceived in foreign lands. As international travel continues to increase, we can only imagine that there are some nuances and culture clash especially to those that are not familiar with their outside world.

Amarachi, who moved to Tokyo at a young age, shares that “Black in Tokyo” was created with the intention of exposing people around the world to the black foreign experience of living in a homogeneous country. The film follows five subjects, with origins ranging from West Africa to the U.S., narrating the different cultural challenges and opportunities of living in Tokyo, Japan. As part of her message, she mentions to the FADER that “you may not be able to directly change the world, but you can inspire and educate the mind that will. If you truly want to create change in the world, be the change you seek”

Watch her documentary below!

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