Review: Krept & Konan – 7 Days and 7 Nights

The duo from South London, dropped a dual mixtape–7 Days which is more hardcore rap and straight bars while 7 Nights is more R&B influenced with songs about dating and relationships. Both projects are laced with features from a variety of artists like, Stormzy, J Hus and Tory Lanez just to name a few. So let’s get into it shall we? And since this is hip hop, I’ll be giving my take on who had the best verse in each song for 7 Days. Competition is healthy for the culture. No bias. I’m a fan of both.

7 Days

1. Champions League – Both Konan and Krept used the same smooth flow throughout the song, bars back to back on boasting and taunting others on the kind of life they live. Lyrics were good but none stood out too much. The beat is flames however. Best verse – Konan.

2. Told You – A rapid xylophone-like repetitious melody is the signature of the beat. Konan starts again with the braggadocios lyrics and Krept follows suit. This song a giant “I told you so” to whoever doubted them in the past. Best Verse – Konan.

3. Wo Wo Wo – This single is a fan favorite, the catchy phrase, catchy flow, catchy lines, an explicitly suggestive chorus, and smooth beat to vibe to. The chorus goes “bad ting on her knees, now I’m holding up her hair” and “don’t get saliva on the chair”. W-I-L-D. A song to party to for sure! Best verse – Krept.

4. On My Life (feat. Skepta) –  All verses are high quality. The beat has your average “trap drum beat” with what sounds like church organs fitting perfectly with the drums. A favorite of mine on this project and I honestly can’t choose best verse.

5. Robbery Remix (feat. Abra Cadabra) – This grime banger featuring Abra Cadabra on the chorus and a verse, is full of bars from all three MCs. Best verse – Konan.

6. Khalas (feat. Ra) – This song is 7 minutes and 43 minutes and full of bars. I don’t want to hear that “these guys can’t rap”. This is high quality rap from the UK. Krept, Konan, and Ra both have 2 verses on this song, yes you read correctly. All 3 artists switched their flows, had punchlines, quality content of bars too and owned the beat. Ra may have had the best verses this on this, but it’s hard to say, I love songs like this.

7. Sauce – The hook sounds very inspired from Future, with the chorus from Konan “I got sauce..I got sauce..” and I’m not feeling it. The beat is slower compared to the other songs on the album so far. Best verse – Krept.

8. Cold Summer (Krept Freestyle) – My favorite song from 7 Days. Krept talks on so much in 3 minutes and 31 seconds. From the false representation and blame of Islam on violence by the media to the sentencing of a drug dealer being less than that of a rapist. Next he addresses the challenges of being black, discrimination, jewelry, jail and violence among us as blacks. Krept calls the police being a gang itself by their actions as a collective. Lastly he talks on women on a number of things as he shows his appreciation to women as a whole and the ones in his life that raised him to be the man he is and encourages us all to do the same. An amazing song with amazing messages.

9. Ask Flipz (feat. Stormzy) – This hit song featuring Stormzy has a verse from him and of course his jumping hook. “Can’t give me no backchat, I tell ’em ‘SHUT UP!’ like Lucas.” Sure to get the party jumping it’s hard to choose the best verse on this track because you’re too busy jamming. I hope UK hip hop artists/rappers continue to flow like this and continue to cultivate this style of rap.

10. Last Night in LA (Konan Freestyle) – Konan’s turn. Laughing in the beginning, talking on his own life and he spazzes with his own with quick bars in succession. He doesn’t want to be compared to other rappers when it comes to bars and I see why. He kills this instrumental. You have to appreciate bars in order to enjoy.

11. Get a Stack (feat. J Hus) – One of my favorites from the album, beat is very tropical like. J Hus is on the hook and both Krept and Konan rap and sing in their verses. Best verse – Krept.

1. Don’t Lie – “You need to make a nice song that I can listen to at night-time, not this grime-rap-shouting-stuff.” You’ll hear this as soon as you hear play along with singing and moody instrumentals.

2. For Me – The leading single from the project, starts with the island-like guitar with drums to follow and Konan gives an intro and the chorus. You might not recognize Krept with the sounding Jamaican vernacular, the song is for lights off dancing at the party. I’m just being honest. It’s added to playlist and all.

3. Ride for You (feat. J Hudson) – Getting personal on this record, the duo talk about the struggles of a relationship and how they may do things to hurt their loved ones, but in the end they will ride for their girls, as the song says. It’s a good song thanks to their songwriting in their raps, the chorus could have been better.

4. Wrongs (feat. Jhené Aiko) – An unexpected collaboration with Jhené Aiko but it sounds like Krept and Konan have been doing wrong in their relationships. “I hate your friends with a passion…always in your ears but ain’t had a man for years…” Krept tells his girl, while Konan’s phone seems to get him in trouble. Jhené Aiko sounded ever so gracefully on the chorus but it does seems lack luster compared to the verses.

5. Save Some (feat. Hudson East) – The challenges of being on the road seem to get to the duo and their relationships. The fact that their girls have to say “save some for me” (time) bothers Krept and Konan. They want to assure their girls that they have nothing to worry about. Another personal song.

6. So Lit – A smooth song to when you’re about to see that special one. Clearly this song sets the mood. One of my favorite songs from the project and I think it’s because the chorus fits the beat perfectly. Both Krept and Konan did very well on the song.

7. Same Sh*t (feat. Tory Lanez) – The boys from the 7 linked up with the 6’s Tory Lanez and throughout they encourage girl to stop messing with the “same ass n****s”. Tory Lanez does what he does well and Krept and Konan brought their own twist to the song rapping and singing. With this song, you’ll either really like it or really hate it.

8. One More Time – This is the first song I didn’t really like. The beat sounds like one of the songs from Drake’s Nothing Was The Same where the instrumental has a rush of so much going on. And you can tell by the title of the song what it will be about.

9. The One – The production on this track is outstanding and it gives the verses by Konan and Krept more focus. A very well-constructed song and creative song. It’s structure and delivery make this song a standout from 7 Nights.

10. Take Time (feat. Hudson East) – Hudson East’s third appearance on the album. Take time is the last song from the project it’s not to my liking but it is not a bad song. It seems like these guys are smooth talkers when it comes to the ladies.

Overall, I believe 7 Days is better than 7 Nights. Krept & Konan seem to be more comfortable and better at making hardcore rap. It’s kind of expected actually as they are MCs. 7 Days could have had more diversity in the themes of their songs and 7 Nights should have had better songwriting for their choruses for a few of their songs. 7 Days and 7 Nights did such a great job, in giving you the high quality personal style of rap from Krept & Konan, they are distinct and sound like no one else. With these mixtapes, Krept & Konan continue to solidify their own signature on hip-hop/rap in the UK and around the world. If you don’t like 7 Days & 7 Nights, it won’t be because they lack of talent, these guys are very talented. You may not appreciate their style, but many of us do.

You can listen to the projects on any platform here

7 Days: 4/5

7 Nights: 3/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Quick maths.

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