5 Reasons why we still don’t have an Album by Davido

Davido has been putting numbers on the board this year starting with the mega smash hit, “IF” that catapulted him back into the arena of worldwide recognition. After that, he’s dropped other smash singles such as “Fall” and “Fia”, and a couple mis-steps including “Pere”. However with so many songs out, it begs the question, after all these years…where is the album?? It’s been five years since OBO’s first and only full length studio album. In hindsight he’s been doing an amazing job at staying relevant without an album, dropping numerous singles and the Son of mercy EP in 2016. Since 2013 he’s had official releases ranging from “Aye”, “Gobe” “Fans mi”, to even “How Long” (featuring Tinashe), and “Pere” (featuring Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug).

16 official singles, 2 babies, and a brawl in Dubai later, there’s still no album.

Your mates are dropping albums, so wuzzup?

1. He’s too busy on snapchat

Man. This guy can snapchat. He needs a sponsorship or something. If he’s not previewing his next single thats about to takeover the world, he’s showing off his money. It’s actually quite depressing watching his snapchat, but it is mildly entertaining.

2. He still hasn’t recouped from “Fans Mi”

We all know Davido has money but he reportedly paid Meek Mill $200,000 for THIS. Meek didn’t even promote the song. Ouch. That feature price could set any artist back, even Davido, especially when you don’t see the profits or a positive crowd reaction. He could have spent that money on a rollie. smh.

3. He’s waiting for Tekno to make it.

Let’s be honest, Davido owes a lot of his success in 2017 to Tekno. The two of them make great music together, such as Holiday, Erima, If, just to name a few. Davido knows this as well, even tweeting after the brawl in Dubai, “TEKNO !!! I GOT UR BACK G!!! NO ONE WILL EVER TOUCH U AGAIN!!!”. Is it just me or is this reminiscent of the OVO sweatshop?

4. There is no Album


Davido is just going to be dropping singles forever and go on worldwide tours. He doesn’t need an album. “Aye” is arguably his biggest song to date, and shockingly isn’t on any album. Who can really be mad at that though?

5. The deal with Sony

Signing to Sony may have hindered his album release and they’re most likely responsible for his lackluster collaborations with Tinashe, Rae Sremmurd & Young Thug, and Jay Sean (why?). Mixing African and American sonics to produce a cohesive and enjoyable song is very rare and so far, it’s not working for Davido (see #2 above)

Whatever the reason is, when Davido finally drops his next album, he’s going to have everyone’s attention.

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