#EndSARS: “The Police is not Our Friend”

With each new day, there comes a new hashtag and a new call to action for social justice. This week it is, #EndSARS. The campaign, heralded by Nigerian youth and celebrities alike, is calling for the immediate disbandment of the Nigerian Special Anti-Robbery Squad otherwise known as SARS has gone viral. It is evident that the task force does way more harm than good in Nigerian society, especially to Nigerian youth.

Which probably correlates to why the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), as a whole, was deemed the worst police force in the world by a 2016 report from the International Police Science Association (IPSA). Of course, the NPF rejected this report by saying its the “best in UN Peace Keeping Operations, best in Africa, one of the best in the world…” Obviously, not the best with this new hashtag and campaign. Numerous users have been tweeting #EndSARS which led to the inspector general of the Nigerian Police Force calling for a complete re-organization of the task force but many Nigerians think that is simply not enough.

Take a look at some of the tweets about the horrors people have faced at the hands of SARS below.



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