Is Quavo Secretly Igbo? An Investigation

Now before you all start to rip me to pieces, I want to preface this by stating every evidence displayed here is pure FACTS. Quavo, one-third of the Migos (or one half depending on how you want to look at it), is the go-to guy for the hits right now *Drake voice*. Often referred to as the Beyonce of the group, Quavious has made a name for himself and isn’t stopping anytime soon. But as I dug into his past, mannerisms, interviews, I realized something…this guy might as well be igbo mehn.

I have discovered his true identity: Quavochukwu Kelechi Okoye, here’s how…

Igbo men love money

We all know the stigma that exists, there’s no reason to shy away from it, Igbo men (and women) love money. It controls their every day actions, runs through their veins, or as Quavochukwu once put it, “Young Ni**a didn’t understand nothing but money”

Igbo men love flashy clothes

In true Igbo manner, Quavo is wearing the same print (by Haider Ackerman) from head to toe. Not to mention the Loafers. All he’s missing is a walking cane like Jidenna, speaking of which…

He has not one, but TWO songs with Igbo High Chief, Jidenna

It’s an Igbo demons linkup. The two first collaborated on The Let Out” on Jidenna’s debut Album and then again on “Bambi Too” from Jidenna’s Boomerang EP. It’s only a matter of time until Quavochukwu starts using his own igbo accent on a song.

Igbo Men are liars

Your Igbo boyfriend brushes his teeth every morning to polish the lies he’s about to tell you for the day. It’s the same with Quavo. He went on national television and flat-out lied about smoking weed. Coincidence that they asked an Igbo if he smokes igbo? I think not.

Igbo Men go 0-100 real quick

In this clip, Quavochukwu slightly jokes around with his interviewer to get him to relax. Next thing you know, he found himself in a headlock. Not sure what it is about Igbo guys but one small ting like this can put you in hot peppa.

Igbo men are sweet-talkers

Well this is a no-brainer. What do you think Igwe Quavo is saying to Karrueche? My best guess: Karrueche’m I na ato ka sugar, I bu eze nwanyi’m. *insert adlibs*

Igbo guys(and girls) are somehow related

This is true for Nigerians in general, but for the Migos, it gets even more peculiar. Quavo is actually Offset’s cousin, and Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew. They probably have a sister named Ezinne.

The Igwe (QC) must hear of this!

P.S. issa banter, I love my Igbo brethren. Igbo Kwenu!

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