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In the new landscape of “let’s build fam,” it’s ever more necessary to connect with people who are advancing in their respective industries. Idioms such as “your network is your net worth” and “show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future” get overused every day. In today’s environment of building wealth and twitter wars over whether a passport purchase is better than Jordans, it’s ever more apparent that having a community of people who can help you accomplish your goals is important and with the access given by the internet, it’s easier than ever to do.

I don’t know how your Instagram Algorithm is set up, but someone felt like spending some dollars on targeting me and presented a video of Erikan Obotetukudo and Ikea. I love seeing Africans win, so what I discovered is that Erikan has created a platform called KIN, A global family of black and African doers!

“The world is boundless because you have KIN.”


KIN is your trusted network of forward-thinking Black/African people solving the world’s biggest problems. With +2000 dynamic, solutions-driven KIN across 6 continents pushing boundaries, redefining industries, investing in each other, and activating our collective power to change the world. They have also been featured in IKEA, Now This, Entrepreneur, and TED.

So now imagine different spaces around the world where individuals who look like you are helping you solve problems of how to make your world and the overall universe a better place!


“A boundless mindset of the African diaspora grounded in Trust”


Join KIN for direct intros to the most influential doers and makers globally.




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