“I deserve better, I deserve more”

Tayo Omolana aka TAI is finding herself in music. Born and raised in Nigeria, she began singing in the church choir at the age of 12, after moving to the states. Music has been a major part of her life, always writing her own music, but never had the courage to pursue her passion. With the average African parent, it’s very difficult to “follow your dream” especially if it’s not about being a lawyer or doctor, but she finally decided to take the plunge after graduating from Towson University. In her own words, “Better is about anyone who knows they need more out of life. No one wants to have stagnancy in their relationships, jobs, or friendships, so its vital that we seek for more in all aspects of life”.
Listen to her new song, “Better” below and support your local artist! Follow her on twitter and instagram.


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