New Artist Spotlight: TAMU

Get to know 20-year-old Sierra Leonean rapper born in Charlotte NC, TAMU. TAMU uses his middle name as his stage name and trailblazes a new unique wave of afro beats from Dallas to the rest of the world.

TAMU’s musical journey stems from his great-uncle who was a well known musician in Sierra Leone known as S.E Rogie Sooliman Ernest Rogers was born in 1926 in the town of Fonikoh, Pujehun District in southern Province Sierra Leone. In the 1960s, he became a professional musician, singing in four languages. His hits include “Koneh Pehlawo”, “Go Easy with Me” and “My Lovely Elizabeth”. He formed a band called The Morningstars in 1965.

Outside of his great Uncle, TAMU’S musical influence playlist consist of conscience artists like Nina Simone , Frank Ocean, Micheal Jackson , J.cole & Kung Fu Kenny.

“I can’t just sit down and listen to Nonsense all day, I have to be able to learn from the prophet”

Born into a family of refugees running from war, TAMU was the only boy amongst his 2 sisters which helped him in his earlier years, as singing and dancing enhanced his love for music. His father was also a well-known DJ in the community as well. However, before TAMU turned 7, his father left the picture and he soon became the man of the house at the tender age of 6. Growing through adolescence TAMU began hanging around bad company for acceptance , Protection, and Power. This led him towards a path that was not in the favor of his true destiny. After having an epiphany at 15 TAMU immediately dropped the gang life and focused on perfecting his craft. TAMU is now 20 and has already becoming a head strong force in the game after starting a record label and signing himself to it TAMU takes his future into his own hands as a young entrepreneur.

The Goal is the bridge the gap between Sierra Leonean afrobeats and the rest of the continents major markets such as Ghana & Nigeria. TAMU believes he has the determination to do so. Within the last year TAMU, has started a rise within his community in Dallas, making a name for himself as the families very own Superstar. TAMU has performed alongside Sierra Leonean heavy weights (Emmerson Bockarie) and even turned down a contract from Nigeria’s own Timaya, all Prior to dropping his debut LP titled ‘WorldWide Wave’ that dropped last September.

TAMU believes that with a great amount of focus he will be the face of Sierra Leone’s music industry. Keep in touch with him on his twitter, SoundCloud, and

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