What Would be your Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

Sooo…it’s Valentine’s Day and you still have not grabbed a gift for your baby ghel, best friend, or Man Crush Monday? Don’t worry, because the students of Baylor University are here to help. I went around Baylor’s campus to ask 8 people of the African diaspora what their perfect Valentine’s Day gift would be. Pay close attention to their responses, you may find the perfect last minute gift for that special someone or something for you to dream about for next year.


Country: Nigeria

“Dinner! A nice dinner and helicopter ride over the city and over the water with some Mimosas. I’ve never been in a helicopter before and it’s another form of intimacy; doing an activity that’s not sensual. You can bond with them in a different way.”



Country: Eritrea

“So my perfect Valentine’s Day gift would be a Goyard Trunk Set of all the different sized trunk sets. Anybody that knows anything about trunks (like the big trunks you use to travel), knows that Goyard and Louis Vuitton make the best two. I would appreciate the craftsmanship of the gift and buying something of that quality shows me that the person really cares about me.”

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Country: Uganda

“I would like food, but to be more specific, a bucket of KFC. That would be really good. The chicken…the fries…the coleslaw?! Oh my gosh. I just love chicken and KFC does it for me.”



Country: Nigeria

“I feel like I wouldn’t want anything specific, not a specific gift. Maybe just spending time together, either cuddling or watching a movie. That would be enough for me. I don’t think it has to be anything physical or tangible. Even if I’m given chocolate, we’ll share it…I just want to be together.



Country: Nigeria

“As a guy, sha, I haven’t gotten a Valentine’s Day gift. I’m always the one giving, but I feel like it would be nice to get some acknowledgment…some roses maybe, or some chocolates. Something thoughtful. Of course I would reciprocate the gesture, but it would be nice to get something. It’s acknowledging that that bond is there and that it’s significant. It’s like our love for each other is real and that’s something physical that represents it.”



Country: Cameroon

“I really love things I can wear so it definitely would be clothes. If it could be like a picture of my loved one’s face on it, but in a cool artsy way, not a cheesy way. Not the whole ‘Mickey Mouse. I’m with him, I’m with her.’ Just a nice fine photo of my baby ghel that I could rock on a shirt. If it’s on a hat, I would rock that too. I feel like it’s artsy! I have this shirt with Jhene Aiko on it and people were telling me that it’s a cool shirt. I’m thinking, ‘Jhene’s cute but my bae is more bad’ so I would wear a shirt with my girlfriend on it. Flames!”



Country: Ethiopia

“I think my perfect Valentine’s Day gift would be something sentimental, like a letter. You don’t have to spend too much money, just something thoughtful and from the heart. I think that would mean so much more to me if someone were to take the time and actually think about that because anything you can buy takes two seconds, but to write something down, that’s from your heart. I would personally love that.”



Country: Nigeria

“The one gift I would really like from my Valentine is her time. I know she’d probably have some feelings for me and I know I’ll probably have some feelings for her and so the one thing I’d want to see is her. I’d be really appreciative of it so that would be the most important thing.”


Well there you have it… a wide variety of gifts bound to touch the heart of your special someone. It’s not necessarily about how expensive or how extravagant the gift may be, but instead the effort and genuine love you put into it. Best of luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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