Jacob Zuma Resigns as South African President

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Jacob Zuma has resigned as President of South Africa. He made a media briefing at Luthuli House in Johannesburg on Wednesday night, which was televised live across the country.

“I resign as president of the Republic with immediate effect. Even though I disagree with the decision of my organization. I have always been a disciplined member of the ANC,” he said.

Zuma stated that he served the people of South Africa to the best of his ability. “I am forever grateful that they trusted me with the highest position in the land, but when I accepted deployment I understood and undertook to subject myself to the supreme law of the land, the Constitution,” he added.

Jacob Zuma at Luthuli House.

His resignation came after a tumultuous week of uncertainty regarding his presidency. On Tuesday, February 13, the Secretary-General of the ANC Ace Magashule addressed the media. He announced that the National Executive Committee of the ANC had decided to recall Jacob Zuma as president. “There is no need for us to humiliate him. We respect him as a leader of the ANC who contributed immensely to the struggle against apartheid,” Magashule said.

On Thursday, February 15, the opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters planned to table a motion of no confidence on Jacob Zuma at Parliament. The ANC was in support of this. The former president made his speech a mere hour before the deadline. “I fear no motion of no confidence or impeachment. They are lawful mechanisms for the people of this country to remove their president,” he declared in his speech.

Zuma further stated that he will continue to be active in the party and work for promotion of projects he believes in, such as “radical economic transformation.” The current ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected as the new president of South Africa, following a National Assembly vote.

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