Wakanda Zine: Wakanda’s Afro-Futuristic Streetstyle Brought to Life

With all the attention and care being placed on the outfits that many chose to rock at theaters to watch Black Panther, a  question that may have popped up in the minds of the more fashion-inclined is, “what would streetstyle in Wakanda look like?”. Well British stylist, Matthew Josephs, teamed up with Disney to create Wakanda Zine and answered just that. In describing Wakanda Zine to Vogue Josephs said, “What would the cool, underground kids of Wakanda be wearing? I wanted it to have a punk spirit, like it was thrown together–high and low, tradition and non traditional.” Talented Belgian-Nigerian photographer, David Uzochukwu shot the fresh, Afro-futuristic images and really brought things to life. Wakanda Zine has been released in limited quantities in London so if you come across a copy, pick it up!

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