#WakandaForever: OneTribe’s Alternate Black Panther Soundtrack

Ever since Black Panther‘s release it seems to be all of what everyone is talking about–inspiring conversation on virtually every aspect of the movie. One interesting conversation that spun off from the release of the movie surrounds the corresponding album, the Kendrick Lamar executive produced Black Panther Soundtrack. Many questioned the apparent lack of African artists on the forefront of the album, despite features from The Weeknd and South African artists like Babes Wadumo, Saudi, Yugen Blakrok, and Sjava. While some interestingly enough countered by saying they didn’t want African music on the soundtrack.

While I personally thoroughly enjoyed the work that Kendrick created and think that it was a great addition to the work of art that is Black Panther, I couldn’t help but wonder what a soundtrack that focused on some of the talent throughout the diaspora would sound like. With that being said we created a playlist with our own take on things featuring songs like, Jidenna’s roaring “Long Live The Chief,” Mannywellz’s touching reimagining of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright,” Santi’s futuristic “Cruel 698” and Akon’s inescapable classic, “Mama Africa.” With artists from Johannesburg to Accra to South Los Angeles, check out our alternate soundtrack, #WakandaForever.



Please note that on the Apple Music version of our playlist Ikey’s “When We Were Kings,” isn’t available. However, it is available on the SoundCloud playlist and for those of you who don’t feel like using SoundCloud the music video is also posted below. “When We Were Kings” is an amazing track, a rallying cry of sorts for Africans throughout the diaspora, while simultaneously weaving through the history that has created the socioeconomic issues present in Nigeria–so find a way to listen to it.


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