Review: Bella & Ycee – Late Night Vibrations

Late Night Vibrations. The title of the project suggests the best time to listen to this project, and I would definitely agree. The EP is a small collection of 6 collaborations from Bella & Ycee. Singer Bella Alubo, simply known as Bella, is a newer introduction to many of us while we all know Ycee–Omo Alhaji. The duo are now label mates on Tinny Entertainment. So, I guess it’s only right to work with your co-workers and in this case–make music. This review is brought to you courtesy of OneTribeMag. Let’s begin. Press Play.

  1. Wetin

You’ll first hear the synth patterns in rapid succession over a slower drum beat.  Bella then begins singing her appeal to her lover that she doesn’t seem to quite have yet. Bella’s lyrics are questioning why he doesn’t seem to love the same way she does. Bella needs answers soon because she’s drawing her own conclusions and has a very quick “pick me” episode towards the end of her verse. Ycee follows up that he’s been in this situation before so he’s trying to slow down. Ycee pleads that he has trust issues and goes into detail about his other uncertainties. Ycee pretty much gives the traditional excuses of all guys who are not interested enough to take things seriously. The song isn’t bad but for it to be the first song of their project, it doesn’t grab you as much as I’d like. But it is an EP sha, so no wahala.

2 . Empathy

Act like you don’t know what a n*gga go through…” – Ycee. Piano traces over a drummer’s snare drum, hi-hat and base drum. “Why you gotta do me like that, do you have no empathy?” – Bella. Bella’s voice captures you as she sings and it forces you to truly hear her lyrics. The piano gets lost in the music but comes back to end the song. In regards to songwriting, this song gets an A, unlike “Wetin.

3. Tropicana Fruit Juice

Bella’s voice is arguably flawless and the beat supports her flow and tempo. Lyrics by Bella are unique and catchy and may stay with you after the song is over. Ycee does the same, giving his verse a conversation-like flow, describing realistic and relatable situations. This is definitely a song made to be played late at night. My favorite song on this record, if not THE stand out song of the EP.

4. All Night

The song is essentially carried by Ycee since his of the song. Is it me or does the beat to this track somewhat of a party record? The beat itself seems to be indecisive on whether to party, chill/vibe or strictly for lover lovers? Ycee and Bella save the song with their vocals. Another instrumental may have made this song significantly better.

5. Be There

Bella starts off “Be There,” jumping into it with her verse, “…know you got dreams so big, bigger than this, bigger than us…don’t worry baby it go soon pay…” Delivering strong, resonating lyrics. I don’t know what Ycee wants to do now o. Bella is saying all the right things. While Ycee replies with a verse of him dancing around Bella’s willingness to hold him down. The instrumental makes for a pleasant listen, featuring a simple piano rift, synth sounds and drums.

6. Tonight

The last song could be considered a hit or miss, depending on what you’re looking for. To me its a misdirected shot that eventually made a goal. The overall structure and direction of the song could have been better along with different verses. The chorus of the song ends up being it’s saving grace since it compliments the instrumental so well.

The End.

Overall, this EP is exactly what it is…an EP. One could say the beats were too similar and did not provide enough variance. Also, the songwriting on tracks were either very good or below average. If the purpose of this EP was to formally introduce Bella to listeners and show off in-label collaboration, then its a job well done since Bella and Ycee definitely have strong musical chemistry. This is a solid project and I will be anticipating  Bella and Ycee’s next individual or collaborative album.

Rating: 3/5.

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