THIS IS NOT A DRILL !!! The Mizizi x Marvel Collab is Happening

A few months ago, we had an article telling Marvel to step it up and give us the Wakanda gear that we all deserved to wear for the Black Panther release. Now we may not have gotten the jerseys in time for the release, but it seems as though Marvel saw Mizizi’s perseverance and fan tweets and decided to finally get with the winning team and drop a jersey in collaboration with the brand.


Mizizi, meaning “roots” in Swahili, is a lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit and strength of its African ancestors. Founded in 2015 and inspired by various cultures revolving around African roots, MIZIZI’s limited, exclusive collections are clearly
designed with their values in mind: connection and representation.

When talking about the jersey, founder, and creative genius Paakow Essandoh said

“The Wakanda baseball jersey was originally inspired and birthed by our followers on twitter. Around the time the Black Panther trailer had dropped, A few of our followers were talking about how they wanted to wear MIZIZI To the release and some even mentioned that we should design an official Wakanda baseball jersey. After juggling the idea around a bit, I started doing some research and saw how remarkable the opportunity for synergy was.  Our mission has always been to authentically connects members of the diaspora so they can represent their roots in passion for fashion.  Although some may not know where their roots originated,  they can feel a sense of pride or belong in the fantasy world of Wakanda.  Through Black Panther, many people are finding their roots and we want to immortalize that connection”.



Check some of the looks below



Also, check out Paakow on Episode 2 of our Tribal Marks Podcast as he drops gems about being an Entrepreneur!

  The jersey will be available for purchase on Friday 05/18 at 7 PM CST on Mizizi’s official website starting at 79.99

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