The internet is truly the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. It continuously blesses us with moments that we don’t necessarily know that we want (or some may argue, need) to see until we actually witness them. Last week one of these moments occurred, with BKCHAT LDN’s infamous cast member Bizkit visiting Boiler Room’s new online talk show, Gasworks for an interview. You immediately figure out the overall energy of the interview when the first actual question of the interview is directed towards Biskit–being an abrupt, “What’s wrong with you fam?” Topics touched on during the interview range from Biskit caressing his mother’s “bum” on social media, to the current status of his fraud charges, his belief that he “shut down” Snapchat and where he’s actually from (hint: Biskit won’t divulge). It all strangely comes together as truly one of the organically funniest things that I’ve seen in a while. Thank you internet. Watch below and prepare to laugh while possibly even cringing.


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